A dirt-poor kid from Portland, Oregon with eight brothers and sisters who has owned and operated more than a dozen companies over the last 20 years with combined sales of more than $400 million. A commercial real estate investor with multiple buildings in the Portland area as well as land development and residential homebuilder.


I love the game of business and am looking to give back.

I started with nothing, have no education, and had zero advantages in life. I was on my way to a lifetime of hammering nails and emptying garbage cans. But I pulled myself up in a way that only can be done in America, and I want to pass along to other people who had no advantages like me what is possible.


A father of three, a husband to one and when I grow up I would like to be a:




-Active on Twitter and Instagram.


I am intense and hungry and don’t like to lose. I also try and stay humble and enjoy helping others navigate the waters that I have already sailed, while at the same time learning from anyone and everyone on a daily basis.

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My 2020 New Year's Resolution!  Calling out as many cheats, scammers, Ponzi schemers, online instruction pushing, "e-book" selling,  get rich quick preaching, passive-income explaining, house flipping instructing no experience having fakers as I can find! #catchthescammer



Our episode on The Entrepreneur Way is live! Follow the link in the bio and look under Podcast Appearences to find our more about The.Entrepreneur.Way, Neil Ball (the host) and links to check it out! #theentrepreneurway #podcast #entrepreneurpodcast #businesspodcast #podcastforentrepreneurs #Business #Entrepreneurship #Entrepreneur #Entrepreneurism #Entrepreneurial #SmallBusiness #Founder #Owner #BusinessEnterprise #Success #Failure #Broke #BeingBroke #BusinessFounder #BusinessOwner

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