Is It a Myth That Being Successful Requires Long Hours?

Is It a Myth That That Being Successful Requires Long Hours

Do you have to work long hours to be successful?


To answer that, I put together some back and forth I had on Reddit.

My takeaway? I think it is that  either: people don’t want to work the hours it takes to be successful, and I can’t blame them. Or they don’t want to work the hours needed so they denigrate anyone that says it’s needed.

You guys can judge for yourselves:


Jerry Brazie

“I worked 18 hours a day for a decade, and 12-15 for the next decade, and still saw my family almost every day.”


“You lost me at “worked 18 hours a day for a decade. No thanks.”


“its also complete bs. anyone who thinks they work 18 hours a day every day for 10 years is one of those people who think sitting at home watching tv and having work pass through your brain is somehow working.”


“I’d disagree. There are tons of business owners who started out small off a bit of saving then we’re able to use business profits to sustain their lifestyle all while only working 8-5 job. Also able to grow into very large companies.”

Also primary warning:

“You missed the biggest tip of all. Surround yourself with good people who you treat well. You’re not the best at everything, focus on your strengths and delegate your weaknesses. I’ve yet to see a multi-million dollar company ran by a single person without any outside help.”

Jerry Brazie:

“A lifestyle for sure, and certainly not for everyone. But to answer the naysayers I will say this: in the beginning, I worked in my company from 6 am to 5 pm. I then worked as a basketball referee from 6-11 pm. I would get home at midnight, back up at 5 and do it all over again. I worked 9 games on Saturday and 9 games on Sunday because there was no money to pay the bills. I did this for the first 4 years I was in business and for the four years preceding me going into business, working as a full-time employee.

Finally, my business could support me, and I did the same thing for my own companies. I did it, and many people were right there with me, but I understand why it doesn’t seem possible.

I started from nothing, and over the last 20 years have bought and sold a dozen companies with revenues of more than $450 million. If anyone thinks that’s possible working 9-5, I wish you all the luck in the world.
Also, I know 20 large business owners, seasoned companies that are decades old. Every one of them works a 10-12 hour day, and these are established companies.

You’re not going to attain any kind of significant success without putting in an incredible amount of hours. It’s just the way it is. But like I said, I agree it’s impossible to prove.

And the statement about one good employee?

“I have fantastic people that manage my businesses. It’s just that no matter how good the people are, the business will always throw something at you that you’ve never anticipated.”

And then I got some support!


“Part of this sub is hostile to anyone who doesn’t run their business in the “10 hrs a week sending emails from the beach” school of thought.
I’m gonna back you up on that, in practice I’ve never found anyone that will care about my business as much as myself. Can you make the hands-off approach work? Sure. But in my experience, it’s the exception to the rule, and you’re leaving growth on the table.

Look at it this way, if you’re truly a capable leader, every hour spent on your business translates into results. The more hours, the more results, it’s that simple.”

Well said and I agree 100% with him.

As to the rest? That will be up to you the reader to decide what reality is.

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