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Do you have an interesting story to tell? What about experiences that you think others could learn from? Have you worked your way up from a meager and simple start?  Have you started a business, good or bad?  Have you helped a business become successful? We would love to hear from you!

Since the age of 20, John worked as a boilermaker at his dad’s company and rig welder at a large manufacturing firm. With the hope of expanding his horizons in 2005, he started his own side business out of his garage, making metal “cowboy” furniture; barbeque pits, deer feeders, and rocking chairs. The small, part-time business has …

Henry started his first biz in 1991, selling, installing, servicing, and financing computers to large corporations. Since then, he has founded a succession of firms in e-commerce, finance, real estate, and consumer product spaces. For the past decade, Henry has taken his experience as an entrepreneur and used it as a platform to coach other business owners and founders.

Jeff Harry shows individuals and companies how to tap into their true selves, to feel their happiest and most fulfilled — all by playing. Jeff has worked with Google, Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, Adobe, the NFL, Amazon, and Facebook, helping their staff to infuse more play into the day-to-day…

Known as the “Mad Scientist Strength” Chris is an Ex Corporate Executive turned Inventor and Movement professional. He has positioned himself uniquely in the fitness world bridging the gap between (and working with both) the top clinical rehab and sports professionals in the world and the in the trenches athletes and S&C coaches…

Allen C. Paul is a driven and dedicated content professional whose entrepreneurial spirit has taken him down many paths. He is an author, a blogger, and a public speaker who shares his insights through multiple media channels. In his work…

In 2009, Miha had four companies go bankrupt overnight: landing him $5 million in debt. Contemplating suicide to escape the pain as he looked over the balcony, he had a life-saving AH-HA moment. He realized that failure was a normal part of life: admitting to himself that he failed and to recognize he needed to stop blaming others and circumstances…

In 2014, Dr. Kristy Sumner coupled her passion for travel, history and the paranormal when she formed Soul Sisters Paranormal, an all-female team, made up of Sumner, her two sisters and two friends. The investigators of Soul Sisters Paranormal travel to some of the most historic, and reportedly haunted, location in the U.S. in an attempt to determine for themselves if spirit activity does exist and to highlight the rich history of each location…

Todd Palmer is an executive coach, keynote speaker, renowned thought leader, author, and CEO who is committed to helping business owners tackle their obstacles and clear their path to success. As an entrepreneur and active CEO…

Suzanne Carpenter is an approachable, sincere, fun-loving, and passionate leader who loves to see personal improvement and transformation in those she teaches. Through her successful 10-year nutrition career, Suzanne saw a gap in the industry and a trend in society. Americans are more confused…

Meredith Walsh is a holistic business coach who supports female entrepreneurs tap into their intuition and shift their mindset into confidence & prosperity, so they can triple their income without stress or becoming overwhelmed. Meredith has been an entrepreneur all her life and has tried to share her knowledge with others. 

Chris Prefontaine is a 3-time best-selling author of Real Estate on Your Terms, The New Rules of Real Estate Investing, and Moneeka Sawyer’s Real Estate Investing for Women. He’s also the Founder and CEO of and host of the Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast.

Matt Nappo AKA Minddog is a champion of independent thinking. A creative artist of many disciplines, he is a former marketing and IT executive with a track record of helping to build and expand businesses, both large and small.

Be sure to check out Matt’s band Rockin45’s.

Iliyana is a Bulgarian who decided that Europe is to small, so she moved overseas. She experienced many challenges in my life but didn’t pay much attention to them. She chose to focus on the positive outcome in every situation.

A first-generation immigrant from Ukraine. After the 2008 recession left Roman without a job, after college and he had to pivot and found digital marketing. He founded Nova Zora Digital in 2012 and started his podcast in 2018 which made it into the top 100 all over the globe on Apple Podcast. He became a foster parent in June of 2018 where he’s fostered 20 kids in his home.

Jonathan Jakubowski is the Director of SmartSolve, an award-winning startup business focused on sustainable packaging. Jonathan received his undergraduate degree from Bowling Green State University and Masters Degree in Public Policy from Georgetown University. Jonathan is an avid social entrepreneur.

Azul Terronez is a best-selling author and book coach who specializes in helping leaders write and publish books that elevate their brand. As the CEO of the six-figure company Authors Who Lead, he has enabled Wall Street CEOs and health and wellness gurus to sell tens of thousands of books.

Author Jesse A Cruz is an Iraq War Veteran and Program Coordinator at the Youth Advocate Programs. Jesse is also a speaker and sports coach. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and traveling with his family and friends.

Howie Kra is a highly energetic and dynamic entrepreneur, podcaster, and speaker known, not only for his resiliency and daily mindset practices but also for driving revenue and providing sales leadership for more than 20 years. 

Cauveé is a fulfillment coach known as the Inspiration Engineer®.  Giving entrepreneurs a BOOST!☕️ in energy, confidence and the courage to take MASSIVE action towards their purpose.  Using the power strategy, music, & edutainment.


Cauveé coaches and consults on operation efficiency, project management and optimization, marketing and sales, corporate & personal brand strategy, resilience, gratitude, and leadership & culture.



Chris Hogan is a two-time #1 national best-selling author, financial expert and host of The Chris Hogan Show. For more than a decade, Hogan has served at Ramsey Solutions, equipping and challenging people to take control of their money and reach their financial goals. His second book, Everyday Millionaires: How Ordinary People Built Extraordinary Wealth—And How You Can Too, released in January 2019. You can follow Chris Hogan on Twitter and Instagram at @ChrisHogan360 and online at or

In this episode, we are joined by special guest Sean Lake, Co-Founder of @bubsnaturals . Sean tells us his backstory and about his good friend Glen Doherty who passed during the 2012 Benghazi attack. Glen was the motivation for Sean to start not only the Glen Doherty memorial foundation that helps Special Ops soldiers transition back to civilian life but also start Bubs Naturals. Bubs Naturals makes a wide range of dietary supplements that boost the production of collagen in your body helping you get the most out of life. Bubs also donates 10% of profits to charity. We hear the story and talk a little business, check it out this is a great one!

Andy Audate is a published author, motivational speaker, and serial entrepreneur. He is widely recognized as an eminent speaker with a delivery that is high energy and human potential stimulating. Raised in a city of impoverishment and a college dropout with little formal education; Andy took a path of entrepreneurship, forcing a course of endless self-education that has amounted to his successes.


Paul MacFarlane is a self-proclaimed visionary with a heart. Paul has worked with numerous fortune 500 companies to develop a marketing strategy like no other. We discuss marketing in the current internet age, setting yourself apart and future technology.

 Richard Kaufman is a military veteran from New Jersey with a hard upbringing. Struggling in early life with no father figure, alcoholism at age 13, drug addiction, PTSD, and blindness. Richard joined the military with no other options. He was then kicked out of the military due to his habits. Richard thought he could work a normal job as a bartender when he realized he was only attributing to his bad habits. After hitting rock bottom, Richard joined the military for a second time with a new perspective. He wants to share his story to others who are struggling.

Adam Lean is a former accountant turned small business owner. He helps small business owners make their business profitable by untangling the financials and showing them exactly which levers to pull to maximize profit and freedom. Our goal is simple: to help our clients go from feeling overwhelmed, stressed about cash, wondering “where’d all the money go”, to feeling confident, knowing that they’re running their business like a CEO, with the numbers driving the decision making.

Michael G. Dash is an entrepreneur, bestselling author of Chasing The High, recovering addict, speaker, and philanthropist. He founded the F.A.T.E. series (From Addict to Entrepreneur) published on Thrive Global & Medium, and has a 12-week F.A.T.E. mentoring program to help entrepreneurs and business leaders regain control of their addictive and compulsive behaviors.

Steve Kosch — is a former anchor with CNN and ABC who has taken his world-class media presentation skills and now coach CEO’s, politicians, authors, and speakers to look and sound their best while on stage, on-camera or in the media. This helps them to grow their brand and expand their influence.

John McAfee is a British-American computer programmer and businessman. He founded the software company McAfee Associates in 1987 and ran it until 1994. John has also founded Tribal Voice (makers of the PowWow chat program), QuorumEx, Future Tense Central. John has been involved in leadership positions in the companies Everykey, MGT Capital Investments and Luxcore, among others. His personal and business interests include smartphone apps, cryptocurrency, yoga, and all-natural antibiotics.

Ashley Micciche is the CEO of True North Retirement Advisors, an independent financial advisory firm managing $230 million in client assets, and located just outside of Portland, Oregon. Ashley specializes in designing, building, and implementing custom-designed exit plans to help her business owner clients secure their final and most important business decision – the exit from their business. She is on a mission to transition 300 small business owners successfully into retirement in the next 10 years.

Robert Martinez is the CEO of Rockstar Capital, an investment and multi-family property management firm specializing in the acquisition and management of value-add opportunities in Texas.


John Taylor is a long time friend of Jerry’s with over 26 years as a real estate broker in the Portland metro area.

Tony Whatley became known as “The Side Hustle Millionaire” after his book with the same title became a #1 best-seller on Amazon. But, this book title isn’t just fiction; it is based on his actual story. Tony once led a successful corporate career for over 25 years…

Sami is  a seasoned entrepreneur in the marketing and media fields specializing in the lifestyle spaces, such as hospitality, food and beverage, entertainment, creative). She largely focuses on creative strategies for community impact.

Robert Courtney is an innovator of disruptive business strategies, and a builder of the community through digital marketing, branding, and service. A desire to invest in the development of people and their personal brand has been a vision of his for over a decade.

Hendrik is a young man on a mission, chasing his dream of one day working for the UFC. Moving to the United States at age six, and going to first grade without knowing a word of English, this dude wasn’t going to be stopped. Now 26, he has fought through some significant setbacks with his health, but the dude is tough and he ain’t quitting. 

Clifford graduated from ASU in Kinesiology. He has been a transformational coach for over 17 years and also fought professionally for 8 years in the UFC. He enjoys helping others reach potential heights they did not think were possible.

Daniel Madrid is a Truck driver here in Portland Oregon who has worked his way up from a broke kid in trouble with the law to making 80k+ A year as one of Portland’s top truck drivers. He has opened his own side business detailing cars and is aiming to make over 100k this year. He shares his story with us and how he made it up and out of where he came from.

Jacob and Aaron Floyd are Jerrys Nephews. Two southern boys chasing success in their own ways. Jacob is trying to make it in the country music business, and Aaron in real estate and social media marketing. They share their stories so far getting started building their careers.

Catherine is a longtime friend of Jerry’s (28 years!) and wife of Jerry’s operations manager, Gary. Catherine has run her own photography business for over 12 years. She joins us to share some insight into running a creative business, her ups and downs in business and to share some old stories about Jerry.

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