The Jerry Brazie Podcast

Do you have an interesting story to tell? What about experiences that you think others could learn from? Have you worked your way up from a meager and simple start?  Have you started a business, good or bad?  Have you helped a business become successful? We would love to hear from you!

Sami is  a seasoned entrepreneur in the marketing and media fields specializing in the lifestyle spaces, such as hospitality, food and beverage, entertainment, creative). She largely focuses on creative strategies for community impact.

Robert Courtney is an innovator of disruptive business strategies, and a builder of the community through digital marketing, branding, and service. A desire to invest in the development of people and their personal brand has been a vision of his for over a decade. 

Hendrik is a young man on a mission, chasing his dream of one day working for the UFC. Moving to the United States at age six, and going to first grade without knowing a word of English, this dude wasn’t going to be stopped. Now 26, he has fought through some significant setbacks with his health, but the dude is tough and he ain’t quitting. 

Clifford graduated from ASU in Kinesiology. He has been a transformational coach for over 17 years and also fought professionally for 8 years in the UFC. He enjoys helping others reach potential heights they did not think were possible.

Daniel Madrid is a Truck driver here in Portland Oregon who has worked his way up from a broke kid in trouble with the law to making 80k+ A year as one of Portland’s top truck drivers. He has opened his own side business detailing cars and is aiming to make over 100k this year. He shares his story with us and how he made it up and out of where he came from.

Jacob and Aaron Floyd are Jerrys Nephews. Two southern boys chasing success in their own ways. Jacob is trying to make it in the country music business, and Aaron in real estate and social media marketing. They share their stories so far getting started building their careers.

Catherine is a longtime friend of Jerry’s (28 years!) and wife of Jerry’s operations manager, Gary. Catherine has run her own photography business for over 12 years. She joins us to share some insight into running a creative business, her ups and downs in business and to share some old stories about Jerry.

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