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Jacob and Aaron Floyd are two southern boys chasing success in their own ways. These are a couple of young dudes out hammering their way in life. They are trying everything, from country music to real estate and social media marketing, they are leaving no stone unturned. Great insight into two young guys out searching for opportunities.

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All right, well good. Let’s do this. Let’s do, let’s do it. Alright, so we have with us guest today. Have either one of you seen the podcast before? Yes. Have you listened to it? You have some sense of what? It’s about. A little bit about it. Do it on that site. We were just talking about the last podcast. Anybody, uh, that didn’t hear the last one where I was just telling Jacob about, uh, uh, my, my, my altercation with the TSA, but we’ll get to that. So I got Jacob Floyd, I got air and Floyd. They are my nephews. Uh, I got my son Max a sit in, in uh, Jacob. Aaron. Say hello guys. Your tells you how to yell. There you go. That’s Jacob. Hey everybody. That’s Aaron. Aaron’s 24. Jacob is 20 to 22 and uh, Billy’s 25 max is 17, and I’m fucking smart as hell.

Hold it. All right, so tells baby boy Jacob, you’re talking about a podcast and college. What’s that? Yeah. So I’ll take a podcast at a community college. Uh, just graduated from actually a, so what we did is we just did a sports podcast, uh, every single day. Uh, it’d be about an hour and a half long and have reached throughout the whole school. Oh, that’s cold. During my time we did during the fall of college football is like the worship of the south basically. So I’ll just give my 2 cents about Georgia. We’ll have, you know, different college college fans in there and we’ll say like, hey, this is what we need to prepare for next week and 10, 10 to say yes, Tennessee’s where these guys are from. Uh, so I was telling him to turn my mic up just a little bit with Joe. I was telling him the story about the TSA.

Uh, and then on top of that, because my buddy called laughing at a, the last podcast cause I just totally ripped up the TSA and didn’t get arrested. But uh, it came close and then that’s the same one I think that I, because Jamie was laughing that I ripped up on the vainer chuck too. What was that about? I couldn’t remember. Yeah. That I was going off. Jamie said I went right from the TSA and then start bitching about Vayner chosen when we pulled up the latest post, the one where he is a follow your passion, follow your passion. This is such bullshit. What, here we go. So the podcast is, you guys know we’re talking about, all right, wait, we’re talking about anything we want to talk about, right? But it’s, it’s business focused mostly and just talking about my experience and then kind of Billy and what he’s doing and trying to get done and, and, uh, any advice we can give and just kind of my take on business, which you guys have heard and life, uh, I suppose, which you guys have had to listen to your whole lives.

Um, so this, this Vaynerchuk thing is an interesting one because it dude was talking about, um, follow your passion, which is something that we hear all the time on the Internet, right? You see it in memes all the time. You see it on Instagram all the time. Again, turned me up just a little bit. Your pee again. Is that right? Yeah. Huh. Um, deal with it. I’m sorry. Talk Louder. Yeah. Uh, so that is a point of contention for me because I think that’s bullshit. I think following your passion, uh, and trying to follow your passion lead you then to, uh, miss out on opportunities. So Vaynerchuk who again, every time I talk about Vader check before we get fucking slammed again, I think is a genius, right? That dude knows your shit like no other. But that doesn’t mean that he’s necessarily always right.

Uh, or that there’s not other, uh, there’s not other opportunity or there’s not other, um, uh, ideas, uh, or other opinions that make sense. So for me, I said I didn’t start out to get into the transportation business. I didn’t start out to get in the real estate business. I got out, I started out to get in the, I got to eat business and whatever, whatever came my way and whatever opportunities I had that came my way, I took advantage of. So Aaron, we’ll start with you. Uh, and then we’ll go to Jacob and you guys, Billy and I’ve kind of hashed this out, uh, on follow your passion versus, uh, versus follow whatever opportunities come your way. Aaron 24, give us your idea on what that, on what you think about following your passion.

I think I’m following your passion. I would go for it. That you’ll go for a goal that you’ve always wanted and dreamed of. But in the meantime, make ends meet with lower shittier type of jobs. You know, I mean, I never wanted to work in a restaurant industry. I never wanted to work in a warehouse industry, but I’ve had to make ends meet and pay the bills. But at the same time, you get off work at six, seven o’clock, most people, some people, a lot of people, five o’clock. What are you doing from five to 11 to achieve your goal? What’s your dream, your passion to go after? Now being an entrepreneur, you work in less amount of hours. We all know that. So you found not necessarily what you’ve always dreamed about, but your niche, what you’re good at, you found your strength. So that’s what I look at is your passion. You might think it’s one thing, but I would go and follow your strengths as well. Don’t worry about your weaknesses. Triple down on your strengths. So that’s uh, you, you have an idea of what your dream and passion is, but it can change all of a sudden and then you’re like, oh shit, I didn’t know I’m good at this and I enjoy it too.

Self awareness too. And that’s a big thing when I hear Gary talk about your self awareness. Like, Woo Hoo. Do you basically, it’s like what is like your intentions? By the same time I know who you are and what your strengths are, bouncing off of what he is and uh, yeah, I think self awareness has to go a long way when I’m doing, following your passions. Like, if you’re really, really passionate about it, I mean I’m gonna just fall forward, but also at the same time be aware of other things that you might be, you know, also good at, you know, and just finding strings and that just all comes with it. So as an example than the example I used was if

I was to follow my passion at 22 I would have wanted to like play pool professionally, right? Or play baseball professionally or play basketball. We’re all sports nuts, right? We all, we would have wanted to do something sports wise. What are the chances I was going to do what I was truly passionate about? Oh, very low. Just like how slim less than low bar dreams, if you want to say as a kid was playing in the NBA, right? Well that’s not gonna happen. So once you realize your passion, this is my, and I’m not being sarcastic. When I asked the question legitimately it, how do you answer a Vaynerchuk question when he says, and Billy, this is exactly the conversation we just had a couple of days ago, but I want your guys’ perspective when he says follow your passion and you’re an 18 year old kid. So Jacob, you’re 18 years old, you’re about to graduate from high school.

What’s your passion? My passion was music for sure. Okay. Yeah my mom was music cause I, I’ve come to realize that like my strength was in sports. Like I enjoyed everything about it. But just seeing what it would take though for the physic, physical side standpoint of it. I mean there was no way, like I couldn’t reach up to that level. So then route your passion being sports isn’t something that you could follow up on because you knew you didn’t have the tools necessary to really go to the level. Yeah, those next levels to skull. And that’s one of the things that’s also too just keeping our, just being aware and keep just like know what you could be possibly good. And that’s, it’s finding yourself and like what your strengths can be. Am I really wasn’t sports like growing up necessarily? Like I enjoyed playing, I still love talking about sports, but music has always been, you know, more my passion because I know the resource where I can do in order to take that to the next level.

Yeah, and the, if you have, in your case, Aaron, um, the, the kind of, you’re chasing multiple different avenues, you’re going after multiple different ways. My argument is you may have skills, but those skills could translate across multiple areas. Right? Literally hundreds. You could, you could figure out, you could probably do thousands of different jobs and in my pool analogy, if I’m playing pool profession or I want to play pool professionally or I want to play basketball professionally in my attempts to go and do that, if I’m so concentrated on that, that I’m blind to everything else around me, including how good I am at what I’m trying to do. I miss what might be opportunities as they go by. In my case, I didn’t want to drive for a living. I didn’t want to be in transportation, but it presented itself and then I had skillsets that matched up with the opportunity that I saw come along and then I had a brain for math and I add add and I had a risk tolerance higher than what most normal people have and I have the ability to handle stress on a way that most people couldn’t.

So then that led me to risk and other places taken advantage of this opportunity that I had no idea I even wanted to do. Right. There’s no way that that ties to my passion. There’s no, there’s my work and my passion are two different things now. I work passionately. Right? You guys know that. Everybody knows that I work passionately, but it’s not my passion, right? Sports are my passion. Playing pool is my passion. My kids are my passion. I like movies are my passion doing this is my passion. I enjoy this, but work is the opportunity that was presented to me that then I took advantage of that. That afforded me to go and do my passions. Correct.

Yeah. But at the same time, if he says, follow your passion, is he talking about go for the goal you want to, but don’t miss the opportunities that come up.

Well, I’ve never heard him say anything about opportunities. I only see him him. And again, I don’t want to pick just on Vaynerchuk is this seems to be a recurring theme. You know, this, do what you love this, do what you love. Kind of mantra. Thinking about that, I dunno you guys, how many people that you guys know between the three of you, the kids that are your age, that are doing what they love?

Yeah, it’s very few.

So I don’t see how that advice matches reality.

It’s just, uh, taking everything with a grain of salt. I mean, I take stuff from Gary, I take stuff from grant Cardone, I take stuff from Tony Robbins. I mean, it’s just, you find all these guys and different ideas and perspectives they all have, but it’s the general idea of being an entrepreneur or doing what you love. Well, I mean, when you leave high school, most people don’t even know what they love. Honestly. They don’t know what they’re going to get themselves into, what they want to achieve in life. So therefore it’s just go every opportunity you can find what you love to do. Just you might love it. You don’t know until you try. So it’s an opportunity and it might be, okay, I’m going to have to eat shit for three or four years and work two other jobs to make ends meet on the side. We’ll do that. And then next thing you know, opportunity might go somewhere else. What you’re trying. So

perfect. See the difference. So the opportunity versus passion I think is the part that gets mixed up. What do you think? Probably,

yeah, and I mean I agree in basically where we kind of settled on this was that Jerry was saying like if I love very, he loves playing pool. If he gets out of high school or wherever he’s at in his life and he’s really chasing down that pool thing and he’s giving up other opportunities because he’s trying to chase down his passion. So because that’s, that’s his passion, that’s what he loves to do. And that’s the only thing he ever wants to do. He gives up all these other opportunities that might come by because he is so dead focused on his passion. So that’s where our, where we met at, which was sure if you, if you love pool and you want to try and make that into a career, go try to make that into a career, but don’t close your mind off to the other opportunities that are going to come up.

Right? Yeah. I don’t, I don’t know why they can’t say that though. Right. I think it’s a jump from passionate opportunities. Some stuff

that does say about opportunities and he’s all about don’t focus on strengthening your weakness, focus on your strengths and just triple down on that what you’re good at. I disagree wholeheartedly with him on that also. So that’s just something he says.

We’ve had that conversation also, I don’t need to, I, it’s been my experience, and again, we all have different experiences, but it’s been my experience since you brought that up that I don’t need to focus on what I’m good at it, it takes care of itself. Right. So in business you don’t need to focus on, on, you’re making money, you focus on where you’re losing money, right? Cause making money takes care of itself. So when the, when the, when the profit loss comes back and you see how much money you made, you’re like, oh shit, that was a good month. Right? Or you look at it and go, how much more could I have made? I got to go to the, to the debit side, I got to go to the cost side and figure out how I could have made more money because you’ll get blinded by the bottom line.

You’ll say, hey, I’d make $10,000 last month and you’ll get blinded by that going cause it lowered $10,000 in a month. And I used to work for minimum wage and got my first job when I was 11 you’ll get carried away with the $10,000 a month, but there’s another $2,000 a month left on your profit and loss statement and expenses that you’re missing because you’re not paying attention and you get carried away with that bottom line. So I, my take on that, and again it comes back to what you were talking about Jake, was self awareness is that you concentrate on what you’re not good at and you perfect that in the context of what you’re trying to do for a living, uh, or what you’re trying to do to make money. And because you’re good at, we’ll always take care of itself. So I’m not patient as an example.

I haven’t zero patients, right? So I really have to work really hard, uh, on the small things in the minutia that go along with being patient. I have people that do it for me, but in the early days I didn’t and I had to really double down myself to pay attention to all of the things that we were doing because it would have cost me a fortune had I not, I hated every single second of it and I was not good at it at all. Broke my assistant could come in and she can look at at numbers and much faster than I can. She can figure out what needs to be done, right? That’s her skill set. But in the early days I had to do and I wasn’t good at it. Now I can do it without thinking twice about it, but I had to learn to be better at it. I’d rather be out there selling and doing the shit that I enjoy doing and interacting with people and have it fun. Um, that was what was easy and that’s what kind of fed my, my, my personality and Fed my ego. The stuff that was hard, which is the stuff that really made me all the money was the stuff that I wasn’t good at.

Right. I see where you’re coming from on that side for sure. It’s a self awareness, like you said, it’s all comes down to self awareness and like what your strengths are and you know what your weaknesses are and you know, like he says he doubled down on your strengths and you say that your strengths, if you’re good at something it’s are going to take care of itself. But the weaknesses is what you need double down on is what is a what I’m good at.

Rows, what you’re not. Cause what you’re not good at in business, we’ll take you down. Now, most of us are going to have small businesses, right? And I grew up with small businesses and relative to you know, a hundred million dollar business or a $500 million business, and in a small business, every tiny penny, every single penny counts. And so you have to be able to watch for every single penny. Well, if that’s not your strength, you’re fucked, right? You have to make it your strength. You have to make it what you’re good at. And if it’s not what you’re good at, you’re probably not going to be in business for very long. So to ignore that, to concentrate on what you’re good at, IEE selling as an example or operations, that’s fine, but at the end of the day, you’re still out money. You still not making the money that you think you are, that you should be, or you’re out of business because you didn’t pay attention to the things that you weren’t good at. That doesn’t make sense to me. I can’t wreck that. That to me, I can’t rectify that. And it makes us feel better, I think to work on only the stuff that we’re good at.

Well I think too, a lot of the stuff that we see on social media is that feel good stuff. It’s, it’s there to get, to get likes and to get attention, um, more than necessarily to be broken down as intensely as we discuss it at least.

Yeah. And I think you’re right. You’re right there. What do you guys think?

Oh yeah. Social media is all about positivity and giving you that great mood. Like you can achieve anything in life and nothing can stop you. That’s what it’s there for. But you got to come down to reality that life is shitty. It really, really is. Like

I voted a movie quote I did. And you, you, you’re like, dude, that’s out of a movie. I was like, fuck, I think that is out of a movie or why was it where I said life is, is a moment of enjoyment with oh yeah, Deadpool, Deadpool yer somebody. Cause I had just seen it. I was like, you know, I quoted it like I said it and he’s like, dude, that’s your dupaul was like, fuck, I knew I heard that somewhere. But to your point or yeah, don’t, I’m sorry

me, but that’s exactly what it is. Life Sucks, right? Yeah. It’ll chew you up and spit you out and wait for to chew you up back again. It doesn’t care about you. You got to make a name for yourself and brand yourself. Right? It’s now all about branding and marketing. Who can get the biggest brand, who can self brand, their name, their company, whatever is they want to love and achieve. It’s all about branding and marketing now. So you got to put positive and good vibes out there. Now there is some people that bring you down to reality. They talk about reality and they’ve successfully made it in branding and marketing. It’s just a harder niche to get into,

right? People like to be told, yeah, but they want to hear or what they want to hear for sure. Yeah. So what are you doing? So Aaron, you’re 24, you’re just getting started. You’ve been working a bunch of jobs, you went into, well tell us a story, tell a story, real estate and then what you’re doing now, what your plan is.

Yeah. Worked a construction quite a bit throughout, uh, after high school. Did a lot of landscaping

as well. Realized I want to get into something that has more money and stability in it. So I thought real estate was the answer. And when you came out of high school, you didn’t really have, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do. Like maybe I’ll go to college. I don’t know what I gotta figure this out. Yeah. I graduated and um, I had a couple of colleges look at me for basketball, decided to go to a working route through a, a technical school and things fell through and I wanted to go back and get an actual degree like my older brother was doing. So I went back, ended up, it was one of two programs in the entire state of Tennessee where they take your scholarship and your grants away from you no matter what. So I’m, I’m here with a 3.8 GPA in college and throughout high school and I have no scholarships or grants to show.

Um, so with that being said, parents couldn’t afford to go to for me to go to school. So I was ended up paying for school. I dropped out of one college, went to a cheaper college, um, went there for almost a year and a half and decided I want to be a business owner. That’s what I really want to achieve. I want to be my own boss, live and die by my own mistakes. Um, so I dropped out of that school so you can technically say I’m a double, double drop out. Um, we’ll go. So working multiple heart accomplishment. Yeah. [inaudible]

out to schools. So it’s an impressive, just working a bunch of odds and end jobs here and there. I don’t wanna put words in your mouth. It wasn’t really for you though. You didn’t, you didn’t as you got into college, you didn’t enjoy it. I remember that right? Or Yes, I did not enjoy school. I was good at it. Um, my dad wanted me to be an engineer. Uh, that was more the route cause I’m good with numbers and figuring problem solving. It’s something I was born with and easy for me to do. But school wasn’t just from me. And um, yeah, just decided to drop work, multiple jobs and it’s been rough. Sometimes I wish I’d just stayed to college route cause I knew I could get a job after four or five years. I can get a decent office job that pays the money I need and I’m just realize, okay, I can’t, I can’t do that.

I gotta just stay focused on what I want to achieve and go for. So working a bunch of odds and end jobs, construction, landscaping, um, got into restaurant business, got out of the restaurant business and now do a, there’s could be clear got into the restaurant business mean to you. You gotta you worked at a restaurant. Yes, I was a at a restaurant or nothing like that. Just a server. Um, I actually advise every young person possible out there to get a serving job. It will teach you to put up with a bunch, um, have a certain mindset, every table you approach cause you know, you gotta be nice to make money. Um, so they can treat you bad and here you are still with a smile on your face no matter how much you hate that person you’re having to serve them. So I’ve as every young person, if you’re in college, that’s a perfect job to have because

it can work around any schedule possible out there. And that’s why there’s people that still 30, 35 years old still working at the same restaurant because they can have their own schedule, they can take vacation when they want to. And I, and I’ve always said the hardest job in the world would be go sell books door to door or go sell homes or go sell something door to door because you have to interact with that human. That’s the hardest job to do in the world if you can the hardest job to do mentally, right. There’s obviously physical jobs that are much harder. But if you can, if you can master sales, be it sales as a server, be it sales dot, knocking on a door, all of those interpersonal skills that allow you to talk to people and to sell them something right in this case, extract a tip a have the most amount or get them to buy the most amount of food or the extra, uh, extra bit of alcohol, which always adds, you know, 20% of that to that, uh, to, you know, 20% of every drink you sell. Theoretically you’re getting back into tip. All of that are skills that will serve you forever. You use those skills. I worked at Mcdonald’s when I was 16 years old, worked that front counter. I use those skills. I’ve said this many times, I use those skills today.

Well, especially in door to door cause when you go door to door, they win. When they answered the door, they already don’t like you are your, you’re knocking on their door. You’re just trying to sell them something. They already have that negative connotation against you to being able to break through that mindset that they already have against you and still make a sale. That’s how you,

it will serve you well. So I agree wholeheartedly.

Yeah. So got in the restaurant industry and then decided to pursue real estate. So I got my real estate license. That was a very slow start from me being young. Um, most people will trust an older person that’s been in the business 20 years before they offer me on.

So let’s talk about that because we hear that all the time about real estate and you know, particularly on television, I’m always hammering on a reality TV, constantly hammering on reality TV. And I think I told you guys yesterday and billionaire going to work on it where we’re going to do a, a comment show on some of these reality TV shows, uh, and pretty much, you know, rip him to shreds. And I get that it’s entertainment, but it is constantly pushing. Say on the real estate side, you see the guys in New York, you see the guys in Los Angeles. She could see the guys in Miami, right? They have all these shows about real estate and it just, the customers come walk into your door and it’s so easy and everybody should get into this and it’s a lifestyle for everybody. And look what you can do.

You, why don’t you shed some light? Cause I know that you’ll give us an honest take on that and I know that you’re a hard worker. Uh, so this wouldn’t be the type of thing. You got your license and went home and sat on the couch. Why don’t you tell me about the glamorous life of getting into real estate? Oh Man, it was Jacob last. It’s hard as hell, man. He was telling me stories about his, let him tell you. But man, yeah, I was, was through that with him too. And he was telling me, yeah. Do you think about all the glamorous, you know, TV shows, all that. I know like when you’re at the bottom, like right here, it’s nothing glamorous at all. So Jake, am I right and I’ll get just second. Aaron, am I right though that these shows, I’m right to be critical and to criticize these shows because they, they, they give off in general.

Generally the public thinks that it’s one thing only for it to be something completely different. This is the argument. Wow. We haven’t argued about it. This was kind of the thing we had when we were thinking about doing this commentary show is Billy said, well how many people can possibly think that’s real and for a minute I was like, yeah. And I was like, wait, he shows are popular as hell. I think lots of people think that shit is real. Right? Is that, yeah. I mean that’s exactly, that’s what I thought. Yeah. Yep. There we go. There’s our mark [inaudible] y’all got me. I’m, I’ve really thought too, it’s hard and there’s nothing the matter with that. That’s the point. And the point of our podcast here is trying to change perception and change reality so people understand what it takes and the way the process works and how the world really works and how life sucks because so much of it is glamorized or like you’re saying is marketed. But so tell us about the glamorous world of

um, went to real estate, real estate. I mean I have a couple young friends in mind that a stay in touch through. So through social media they are well off making huge money doing their thing in real estate and they’re 22 to 25 years old. So it is possible but at the same time it takes a lot of money up front. And I couldn’t come up with that money right away because I had bills and stuff to pay for. Um, add to make ends meet personally before I could spend all this money on advertising and marketing. Um, and it’s almost like, yeah, you can give them a business card, talk to whoever you meet, hand them a business card. Hey call me. Cause we talked about buying or selling a home. So call me when you’re ready. Well, they have three or four cars already on their refrigerator.

They just do, it’s just hanging in there and they have a friend locally that they already know that it’s been in real estate for 1520 years. So you’re gonna automatically call that person. So get, getting people to commit to a young person in that industry is super tough. And I applaud the people that are young that have successfully made it in the business because coming from the same standpoint, that’s hard as hell to do. Right? It’s really hard. And I applaud them for doing what they need to do and making their meat. I just know it takes a lot of commitment and financials upfront that I just couldn’t have.

And the point of that is, the point of this I should say, is to point out that yes, people can do it, but I don’t remember the numbers. Maybe you guys know what they are, but I’m going to make these numbers up, but as an example, but I think there’s something like 5 million houses sell last year, right? Yeah. And then there’s something like 5 million real estate agents or some, yeah. Like I said, I don’t want any agents, but wasn’t it? There’s more agents than houses that sell. So you have to look at that and you have to say, yes, cream is gonna rise to the top. There’s going to be people that are always really good at it. But when you’re looking at it as a career and you’re watching reality television shows and going, that’s for me, that’s the one 10th of 1% generally. That is a tough way to make it living. And it is a long slog to get to where you can make Olivia years and everything takes years no matter what. You’ve got to invest the time to get anything. But the chances on that are making it to the NBA or the NFL, they’re long. You’re, I mean, yeah, they are perfect. Statistically speaking and you know, more houses, there’s more agents than there are houses. The, those, those odds are probably longer than making it in the NBA, which are, you know, insignificantly mind. Right.

And, I mean, I still have my real estate license and I’ll still talk to people about it, help them wherever they need it. And if they ever do call me, I’m going to be there. Um, but since that didn’t work out financially for me as fast as I wanted it to, I had to get a full time warehouse job. I’ve been doing that now for almost a year. It’s what pays the bills. It’s what’s helped me tremendously. And I also, uh, just here recently, about two or three months ago, started in social media marketing. Um, I love the hell out of that business. I really do. I don’t even,

so what do you mean when you say that?

Um, so I work for an agency out of a Texas and the guy contacted me through a mutual friend that lives in Chattanooga with me and hired me on and I was like, look, I can’t grow the accounts. I can’t be an account manager. And account managers are, they’re working on the accounts every day, growing these accounts, a certain amount of followers per month doing their ads, whatever you want in our packages. We sell, they do the account manager’s office.

This is specifically this be specific. So Joe Blow Company, uh, I think the, the, the example you used with some apparel company. So Santa Fe apparel calls you up and says, I want to grow my brand online via Instagram. Yeah. And then you’re like, okay, is that the, that’s the customer that you’re going after, that sort of customer meeting wants to build a brand.

It can just be somebody that wants to boost her own ego and have a certain number of followers on their page and they just get satisfaction after when they see a k next to their follower account. I mean there’s any buyer will pay that money just to have a, in the biggest thing people want to pay for is trying to get a blue check mark by their name. Yeah. Every they’re fed. Yeah. Everybody wants to be verified because it shows approval. You want to be approved into something. You want to feel like you belong somewhere and people want to belong in that verified accounts. So they’ll do whatever they can. They’ll buy followers. You’ll see some people with a 120,000 followers and they don’t have the blue check cause you went and bought them. And so what do you do this different, uh, real people and real people only, um, cause you want, I find people that want to have interactions.

So how the verified works. I’ve read about it. You want to see interaction. Go through your account, people talking to you daily, commenting on your stuff, just very involved in your account. Well next thing you know, you’ll start seeing fake accounts. If you see more and more fake accounts, people creative you, even if they’re just mocking your account and just trying to just bully you on that, please do it to my account. I want that because then I can s show Instagram. Hey look at all these accounts. How are these people going to know? Who is Aaron Floyd? Okay, well let’s discuss it more and more and let’s put a verified and checked by your name. That’s why these famous people have them. And if you’re not famous, they still have them because there’s fake accounts out there. So you want to know who the real person is.

I’ll tell you know who’s real and who’s not and how do you grow it? Then, uh, I reach out to people every day. Hours dropped the Dafoe. Yes. So your account, I’d say, Hey, let me get access into your account. So you hand me your account name and password. There’s a privacy policy. We sign. Then, you know, we don’t touch your account in any way, shape, or form. We don’t post anything unless you tell us too. We let you do all this stuff on your account. But we’re here to Hammy axis. I go follow people. I go interact with people through your account because if I do it through my own personally, I’m just a middleman. They want to see that the real accounts actually involved with them. So you’re reaching out. You’re, you’re, you’re, yeah. Yeah. That’s how I actually get my business is um, I see an apparel company, they have a low amount of following or a low amount of followers, high amount of following.

Let’s get that ratio back. So I’ll DM them, hey, this is what I can do for you. Nobody reaches out to me. I reach out to them. So I can tell you right now, UDM a hundred people, you are lucky to get 10 sure. Oh sure. So I’m surprised you said Hi. Yeah, it’s if you’re hitting, if you’re hitting 10% you’re doing good. And when it comes to social media accounts, if you have 10,000 followers, minimum, you need a thousand likes. If you don’t, you have something wrong with your page or something is messed up. Those people that have a 120,000 followers and they’re here with two and a half thousand likes, you went and bought all of them. Yeah. Those are ghost accounts. Those are, again, the on active. The benefit that you’re bringing to people is you’re bringing real followers based on your interaction, on their behalf from their account.

Yeah. No. And plus people that show the same interest. If you are trying to make it in the country music industry, I’m not going to go reach out to somebody that loves kiss and just listens to kiss their whole life. You’re searching, you’re doing that by hashtags. I do it through hashtags. I’d do it do personal people. I know that their connections, I look at their pages. So I might go on your page and be like, all right, let me see the people that’s liked your page and you’re big in the motivation and all that. Well, okay, I have a guy over here that wants to boost. He wants to have a bigger account and he’s big about motivation. So I’ll just grab people off years at uh, likes and interacts with your account. I don’t just go on your following, just start doing that.

Right. I look at who’s liked the photo cause those are active. So I’ll scroll through them, pull certain people out through an APP I use and they can go throughout a night because Instagram has a lot of algorithms and stuff where you can only hit certain numbers a day and it changes constantly. Well I had this app that will let me, I can go on your phone and follow 600 people and it will do it throughout the entire night. It’ll hit every certain time to where it shows Instagram that I’m not doing it all in a lump sum. Gradually people though these are legitimate people. Yeah. Yeah. These are all interacted with other people’s accounts and shows interaction and they have more than six photos. So what’s the plan then? How do you monetize that? You get paid to do that. Yeah. Is it on a monthly subscription or something like that?

I’m assuming? Yeah, there’s packages that go from 200 to $5,000. So I’ll say, hey, $200 a month, you’ll get x amount of followers. I’ll show you what I can do. So I’ll follow unfollow, I’ll interact with people and gain you more business. I’ve had success with apparel companies on increasing their online sales because I’ve reached out to people that like similar close to that, that dress that certain way. And so there’s a better increase of sales. I mean you’re just playing the numbers and that’s really what it is. And I’ve um, no contracts, cause I’m not trying to tie anybody down. I want to earn your business every month. And so you earn a percentage of the yes attracted amount and then your plan ultimately is to do what? So that’s kind of the beginning breaking into it. That’s what you do on long term witness.

So now that’s what you’re doing, working a warehouse job, doing this job, a little bit of real estate, but primarily those two jobs and you’re living in Chattanooga, Tennessee and now you’re going to go do what? Uh, my goal is this winter, December, January, moved to Nashville and start my own social media marketing company. And you want to move to Nashville because I’m moving to Nashville opportunity. There’s a real opportunity in the bigger city, but also, um, upheld a country music people that are trying to make it in that industry and there’s a huge need in that area cause everybody wants to play a guitar or sing on the side of the road. Right? What’s your Instagram? I don’t know. You got social media. I can do more than just Instagram. My higher packages can say, Hey, I’ll take over your Twitter, your Facebook, and I’ll run all your ads.

I’ll promote you in the way I know how to, to certain groups of people. So that’s where I see the opportunity of really expanding a business is one, being in a bigger city and to finding that niche you like. I love country music. I know all about country music. I have connections in country music, big connections. So let me use that to my advantage. Sure. Going to where, where you think you have the best opportunity to to be successful. Yeah. I wouldn’t say best opportunity, but better. Yeah, absolutely. The best opportunity to be. I don’t know. We’ll see where it takes me. Well, this, so as far as you know though, right now, this is your best opportunity to be, to go to Nashville. Yeah. I have no other, no other choice. If I want to explore, you’ll set up your own deal. You hopefully start doing this for customers on your own and then eventually you’ll have a business where you’ll add people that work for you doing the same thing and you grow your customer base that way.

Yeah. I mean I’ll add people right away right away. I will cause uh, I have everything mapped and planned out. Doesn’t mean it’s going to go according to plan, but I know I got to have people in place and if I wait too late people, I mean it took seven months for this guy to finally talked me into doing it cause I just thought it was a hoax. Like how do you make money on Instagram? Really people are going to pay every month for this. Like I just thought it was a scam or a pyramid scheme when it’s actually a legitimate business. So I know right then when I want to start my own, I got to start reaching out to people no matter what. And it’s not like I pay them by the hour. They have to go get their own business. My boss doesn’t pay me anything until I give him a client and they signed the form saying I will pay this every month.

And they put it in his paypal account. Right. So you got for yourself. Yeah. And that’s typically being a sales person just for him. I’m a, I’m an entrepreneur. I got to go find my own money. Your own business. So there’s your drive right there. How are you going to pay the bills through restaurant work? Cut a boy. Yeah. That’s what I’ll do in the [inaudible] work. Anything and don’t blow for me. Yeah. No, Jake, 20 to 22 just got out two years of college. Right now in Tennessee, you get two years for free. Yes. So you took advantage of that? Yes, sir. So, uh, I get all the time. Billy and I hear this all the time, you know, the young guys, there’s, there’s nothing to go do. There’s, you know, there’s, there’s, there’s, I don’t know what, where life’s gonna take me. What am I going to go do?

I’m 22 years old and I think that there again, there is this misconception on this need to be driving a Lamborghini when you’re 22 years old because you know, what do they call those guys online? That rent? Uh, you know, they fake it till they make it type of thing or a business. I thought about getting into, I know a couple of friends that will buy these exotic cars are dream cars and rental dudes, right? Yeah. They’ll totally put it into a business. They had some business and automotive. Every car is written off. They have and they just have pure exotics, all these expensive cars and hey, I’ll let, I’ll lend it to you for $500 for the knife. You want to go on a fancy date with your wife? Here’s the card that you got that money. That’s when you got to act. They’re paying for your car and then they get out there and they take it. They put pictures

up of them basically like Uber Rides got this, but where is it now? So give me that. Give me the idea from, from your perspective. Then you’re sitting here looking at the rest of, you know, you’ve got your whole life out in front of you. You got two years of college done. What’s the plan? I said the plan is right now, I just took a semester off, just started working. And one of my things I’m passionate about as country music, by the same time, you know, there’s people I talk to of course like my parents. Do you always have to have a backup plan with anything. Uh, so for me, I don’t know what my backup plan is right now. So that’s where I’m stuck in between her and I was like, I love doing music and that’s what I do at work. You know, I believe my schedule is I wake up, do music, you know, go to work, come back home, stay up late, do more music, you know, work out better bed.

I, that’s like my schedule right now. But I know that I need a black pen just in case. And now I’m stuck in between a, what I want to do, you know, outside of music, what are you doing in music? So for music around now, I actually started in May, uh, my mom was a music teacher for about 15 years, so I got the whole concept of music, you know, how to do notes, you know, and uh, so I’d learn a lot from her. And then it was just like a guy literally just told me one of his friends, he was like, Hey, if you want to get reached out to, you got to start putting out stuff on content. And that’s the biggest fear is a lot of people that don’t want to put themselves out there real too quick because they don’t know what the backlash is going to be like.

So I’ll put on buffers, they’re there, they’re there, they’re worried about what people are going to think. Is that the backlash that you’re talking about? Yeah. Yeah. They just don’t, they don’t want to say the negative comments. No one likes to say a negative comment. Like, Oh, you know, you, you’re not as good. You know, why you keep doing this. But I’ve also realized even though I started in May and where I am now, it just the progression of like you can either dwell on that one negative comment or he’d see all the other people that you’re impacting too. So it may, I’m doing music, but I’ve also realized the other people that have impact of like, oh, I’m going to go out and try to do this. You know, cause they’re so scared, you know, their whole life to go out there and do something that a lot of people didn’t look upon as like, oh I don’t think you’ll ever be able to do that.

And the least they’re going out there and trying to with their, you know, put it out, tell them towels I hit puts in a lot of work. I guess now just going to come over. Not like it’s a, it’s a slow grind too. And I’ve also, I’ve had dams over the past months just saying like, Hey man, I’m beloved, what you’re doing, the grinding, the process of it and you actually inspired me to go do something that I never really thought about doing. But now I’m just doing it because, uh, you know, you, I look up towards you. That’s a cool little feedback too that I’ve gotten from other people. Yeah. Who Cares? We’ll toss think. Yeah, exactly. I mean, you’re always going to have comments. I mean, with anything, like I can tell him like, hey, you’re a social media company, you’re not going to start up, you know, but as he got to dwell on that, or he’s gonna pass that and also talk to the guy who’s in social media, you know, the guy on Texas saying like, Hey, you have the grit and you know, you have what it takes.

Right? So I mean, who you’re going to listen to right there. So average Joe that doesn’t really know all about, you know, music or are you going to listen to people that, you know, for me, I’ll reach out to and they say like, hey man, do you have a really good voice? I see really a lot of potential in to you. So, I mean, I don’t look, I don’t look at the negative now. Can you look back, uh, you know, on something that had been like, hey, you need to work on this. And yeah, absolutely. I mean, that’s with anything you do, like, Hey, there’s some you need to work on, but I’m not going to be, you know, you [inaudible] it’s two different things to work on what you’re, what you need to do to improve. Right? Right. That’s right. Weakness that you need to get better on at something completely different than somebody commenting that you’re no good at this and you paying attention to it.

Those are two different things. It’s crazy though, too, is like people will stop doing what they’re doing because, oh, I need to work on this. Are some people that they’re to the point of that software, they’re just like, you know what? I don’t like this negativity. I’m done. Right. Done. Like, I don’t want you to tell me what I need to work on. Yeah. I mean there’s, there’s legitimate people like this, so for me, I just use that shallow. Right? I use that as a smaller, you go more of a motivation like, okay, like yeah, I’m going to get this through. You know, I’m going to get through this, I’m going to keep improving on that. I appreciate you reaching out to me and telling me that. Right. Self awareness. Right. That was what comes out too. So you’re hoping to be a singer, producer.

Yeah, absolutely. Just be an entertainer. That’s what being an entertainer, basically just a music artist and my plan is moving up to Nashville and you know, cause that’s where the heart of country music is and you know, just start branching off from there. But you know, it’s a day by day process, slow grind and there’s a lot of people try to do it too. So with may is just, I’m reaching out through social media, any type of people that I can, not, the really big ones are verified cancel. I try to find ones that are trying to, you know, go up there to their, that’s their dream too. So I started working with them, uh, through a songwriting or just collaborations with other different artists. And then there people are like their followers can see me and my followers get to say them too. And that’s how I’ll just build, I just through build it off there.

So for me there a lot with both of you guys say the how much they out there in your age group. Are People not doing things that they should or that they, they would like to because of how it will be perceived? Yeah, absolutely. I’ll speak about that 100% all the time. Yes. Everywhere. They don’t like to hear negativity. And it grinds my gears though. Just like you’re literally going to dwell on that one person saying you cannot do something. Yeah. When you have any no cause you, I mean do you don’t have the time right now because everybody wants a rotten then and there, but like see what happens over the next three months. Right. I mean that’s, I really agree with you on that though, Aaron.

Um, I mean it does get to me at the same time, but what gets to you just how people will, they’ll say negative things. They want a man. I wish I could do that. Well, I mean, why don’t you, it’s because you want that comfortability. You want that steady job that you want, that 40 hours you want to change. You don’t want to chase a check. You want that check to come to you.

I mean, if you want more, don’t bitch about it. I mean, you’re, you’re complacent. You like where you’re at. So deal with the finances. If you want more and finances, you’ve got to go get it. It’s not going to just, hey, I want a $40 pay raise. I’m like, no, it’s not going to happen. You got to go get it right. So, and to east our own, I mean, people love having that steady job, that steady check your business wouldn’t run if people, if everybody wanted to be like you, right? So you need those people in La and we need those people at Mcdonald’s. We need it. People everywhere to do their certain things. So I mean, as long as you’re not complaining, props to you, you’re doing what you, I wouldn’t say love. You’re doing what you know you have to do to make ends meet.

And, and we’re always talking about that here because we always have to throw this caveat Billy and I in that it is, if you’re happy with putting that Grommet, you know, and the side of offender good for you if that’s your deal and your eight hours. And I know a lot of people that want to be off at five and they’re on the, the seven 50 train and their home and on the five 50 train in their home, but six, 10 every night. Uh, and that, uh, I mean legitimately there, they’re happy doing that and I could not support that more. And if they like listening to us and, and, and, and getting the perspective on what it’s like for an entrepreneur or business owner, uh, that’s great too. And entertainment value for them, fine, but they’re happy doing what they want. That’s not the people that I’m talking to, the people that I’m talking to and the people that I’m trying to encourage a particularly young people like you guys is the ones that want more.

So go work the restaurant job, go do what you’re supposed to go put your time in, but if you want more, you have to do more. And if you’re not willing to do more than you can’t sit there and complain about not having more, you know, the whole, I wish I had a fancy car, a collection like you do. I was like, yeah, motherfucker. I’ve been working for 25 years, 15 hours a day to get the co the fancy car collection I have. Are you willing to sacrifice and do what it takes to get that or are you just going to sit there and complain? Oh No, I’m happy about my eight to five job. No, you were just complaining to me about wanting more. I give you the advice on what you need to do to get more and your reply is, I’m happy with my job. See, that’s the people that that that I’m trying to push out to to go out and do more. Understand that if you want more, you have to do more. It sounds like you guys got that down.

Oh yeah. And that’s all because of the parents. They gave us that mindset to be doing more and be better than what they’ve achieved in life. Sure. Um, now I’m totally blessed. Same st mayors throughout my whole life. Not many kids can say that I have a mom and dad there to support me. Not many kids can say that, so I’m totally blessed with it, but they’ve always pushed us to do more than what they’ve ever been able do so that they’re big on. Um, they growing up, it was get a degree, get a degree. My Dad has a degree, he was big on getting a degree in that and he came to the realization, especially with me dropping out of two schools, that okay, maybe a degree isn’t for everybody. And he, he reverts back and says he’s lucky to even be working in a field that he got a degree in.

It just, he didn’t have a plan to work and rock industries, but it happened to work out and he does it. But there’s plenty of people in his shop that don’t do it. They don’t have a degree in that kind of field. But yeah, he just loved by the lucky hand of the draw, ended up working within his degree. But he came to the realization that a degree is not for everybody. Now with that being said, if you don’t know what the hell you want to do in life, you better stay in school, stay in school. I mean cause that’s where a lot of kids figure out what they want to become, who they want to be. And you might find that niche that requires a degree. But if you just totally gave up on school from the beginning and just ended up working fast food, a lot of people get complacent.

That’s what stuck in that. Yeah. That’s where you get those 30 to 35 year olds that’s been in the restaurant industry for 17 years. I just said screw school. I’m done with it and got complacent. So, um, I was big on keeping my little sister in school. Stay in school until you figure it out. I know your older brothers are not. Matt has my older brother, Matt has a degree. He doesn’t use it for nothing now. It did teach them stuff. It taught them certain traits and what not through school, but he doesn’t use it.

I think. I think, and we’ve talked about this before, I want my kids to go to school. I want the kids to go to college. Right? Go in the military or go to college. I think that’s important, but I don’t think college is important. Other, I mean if you’re going to go be a doctor, right? [inaudible] you’re going to college, but that’s a small number of people relatively speaking. I don’t think you need to go to college to do what you want to do. I think you need to go to college though, if you can, because you get to social interaction. There’s a, there’s a bridge between being a kid, you know, graduated at 1718 years old and four years later being 22 the difference between 14 and 1718 and 22 Jake is a big difference. Absolutely. When you graduated from high school, well you might be, well, I think you went backwards to be fair.

It’s like sounds, seems like you went back, it comes out to, it’s just you found that responsibility. Like you’re in a sense like you’re on your own. Like you keep up with your own stuff. Like in high school, like they do kind of pamper you. Like actually you get stuff down, like when you guys transition into adulthood, if you will, to go to college. Um, and you get that social interaction that’s not dictated by mom and dad and your wrist to your point. You’re responsible for your own hours and you gotta beat a class on time and all that. There’s nobody waking you up and all the rest of that shit. So it’s a nice, it’s a nice transition to adulthood. And so from that perspective, I’ve always said, if you can do it, go do it. But what I don’t agree with and never will, uh, which is the point you’re making Aaron, is you don’t need it.

You don’t have to go. There’s not, there’s nothing that can stop you from doing what you want to do just because you don’t have a degree. You can go do anything you want to do and there’s, I can point you to every field short of the one where you need a lawyer and an engineer with those sorts of things where you need a degree where there are people doing the work that don’t have the degree, uh, and there are people waiting and we’ll have the degree who aren’t doing the work. I eat the person without the degree because he works harder. He’s smarter, he’s more driven. He wants it more, can go get that job because I hear it all the time. I can’t get that job because I can’t get that job because I don’t have that piece of paper. No, you can’t get that job because you’re not going to those to, to those places that employ people like that and standing at the front desk and saying, you have to hire me. You don’t understand who I am, what I’m going to do, what I’m willing to do, art, I’m going to work for you. The effort that it takes to go get that work, right. You want it to walk in the door and then you’re happy doing it, but you’re not happy. But you don’t want to have to put the work in. So many people don’t understand what’s possible without any education because we’ve been so we’ve been so, um,

drugs. Yeah. Drugs are brainwashed. Drug close. Yeah. Brainwashed into thinking.

And that’s what we gotta do. I sit here, I’ve got no education, none. I got, I got street education. That’s where my education comes from. And look what I’ve done. So I, I’m a firm believer in that, but I agree with you wholeheartedly though, Aaron. Like I said, I want my kids, if you have the opportunity, go to college, get the experience, have the fun

fucking put off life for awhile. Life sucks. College is easy compared to life compared to life. What am I told? I got Max, my son sitting here. He’ll tell you the worst day at the bet. The worst day in high school is the best day, the rest of your life. You guys are laughing. You’ve heard me say that before. Uh, it is so true. Jake. Is that true? That’s true to a 17 year old kid right now is 16 year old kid who’s in high school and thinks he’s got a tough, what do you tell him? Hi Man. Just seize every opportunity that you have in high school because when it comes out to the real world, when you get out there man, and can sometimes it’s kind come and slap in the face, man, you’re like, I need to, I wish I was back. And where you know, at high school, you know, that’s how, that’s how it is sometimes. So going back to what he’s saying, yeah. The, the worst days in high school or the blue, the best days at [inaudible]. Exactly. Right. Exactly. That’s why everybody relives those kinds of glory days. Right. And then ever they can’t ever get, they can’t ever get past them for sure. So once we move on past this topic or before we do, there was another school of thought on this. Um, instead of going to school, going to college, until you kind of figure out what you want to do. Um, Casey Neistat is actually where I heard

this one from and I, I completely agree. His, his story was lit. You know, he got somebody pregnant and had a kid real young and you know, needed to make ends meet. And he said he found his motivation and bottom pot. So he was working bottom of a pot. So he was working a dishwashing job, scrubbing pots for eight hours. He said, just grabbing a pot for eight hours, you find out real quick, which you want to do or at least find the motivation that you don’t want to do that for the rest of your life. And I definitely felt that I worked at a grocery store for five, six years and that was just stocking shelves and facing and anything else in the grocery store. But being stuck there like it was, it was like three years in when it really started to hit and it was like, no, I need to do something else. And that gave me the motivation to do that for sure. So I, I’m almost leaning more towards that route. Like if I was to tell somebody if they didn’t know what they wanted to do, rather go to school or go get a job and start working, I’d definitely go with go, go get a job and start working.

Yeah. Yeah. And I could see that too because real world experience, you’re going to learn more. You’re gonna learn more hanging with me for a year, then you’re going to learn in four years of business school. Well you probably learned more working for me in six months, then you’ll learn in four years of business school probably. I mean, there’s just no way around it. So go find could be into anything. Jake, go get, go sweep floors at a, at a, at a, uh, a music studio here, going to take to do whatever it takes because you’re going to probably learn more about the music industry, uh, you know, sweeping their floors and cleaning up the equipment. Then you would, uh, doing it from the outside. So there’s definitely some, some value there. I don’t

agree with that at all. Does he come in and I went, uh, computer science engineering, two years GPA, a 3.8 GPA while working 40 hours a week. And so like I did both of them too. Yeah.

And, and so to that point though, how was that compared to high school?

Oh, way harder. I mean, so the ended of high school, I ended up going to a school called some of you, which is like you do all of your work at home and you go into school once a week. Can you turn in all your assignments, you take tests to that kind of stuff, and then you just get your assignment. So it’s Kinda like homeschool, but you still meet up at a central school. So my senior year was there, so it kind of prepped me. It threw me into it. You’re ready for it? Yeah. But it was, um, it’s better in a lot of ways than high school, but it’s way harder for sure. Right? Yeah. I wasn’t prepped for it. I just, I struggled just going to class because I realized nobody’s forcing you to go. Yeah. Struggled.

Get yourself up and getting yourself where you needed to be.

Yeah. Keeping the schedule, the master. I scheduled an 8:00 AM and that was the worst mistake I ever made. I, it’s to, you know, my first classes, my first classes were 11:00 AM the earliest I would try to just get them in the afternoons. So think about that today. Oh yeah, right.

Did think about that. You could, you’re 24 years old and you’re looking back on an 18 year old going, you couldn’t get your ass to class at eight o’clock in the morning. Go to class. Really no responsibility. I mean the class. Exactly. Well go into class, not a care in the world and you couldn’t do it. Six 30 check. Maxine, Maxine. And I don’t appreciate that though. Like I said, wait, why did you leave high school? Are you going to be like, oh man is, he just gets so, it just like, it’s good though. It’s good though. You know, even though we were talking like we’re bashing down on it. But it’s also good though, cause you, you really develop on your own responsibility for things. There’s tons you learned ahead. Exactly. Freshman year, man, I learned a lot just throughout college. Like I can just dick off like anymore like I did high school, you know you actually have to do some work.

It’s only come to college. Right, exactly. And it teaches you and that just nines of a school. But just anything else that you want to start doing. Like you got to put in some work to actually get the results that you want. And the, the, the thing is, we’ll wrap this up to that is a constant mantra for us and for me in particular was talking about life and you said it at the beginning, Erin, life sucks. Life is hard. Life is difficult. Life will kick you in the balls. And when you go to high school, particularly as time goes on, these high schools become easier and easier. And then you get to take test three times and do it until you get pass it. Guess what motherfuckers or none of that in the real world got one shot. You got one shot man. And, and, and the bosses aren’t putting up with your bullshit.

And we don’t care that you don’t feel good and that you showed up 20 minutes late because you didn’t get up early enough and made it to the bus on time and all the rest of that bullshit. Life is hard. But inside of that, life is living. That’s, that’s that, that’s the message. That’s, that’s the thing that I always talk about is yes, it’s hard. There’s no sense in lamenting that it’s hard live it and go take a giant fat bite out of life as hard as it is and as difficult as it is, and then you absorb the lessons you learned when it’s difficult. This one too, I’ve learned, don’t be scared if you fail, but that’s one of the biggest things that I’ve, I’ve learned to like coming out of high school too. Like if you fail, if you fail at one thing, I don’t let just corrupt you like getting life, you’re gonna, you’re gonna fail at certain things.

Like you’re gonna, you’re gonna fall short things, but doesn’t matter. Like you could, as long as you put in the work though, the progress going back up to you can get to where you want to be. Yeah. See, that’s good because I don’t think that they, I don’t think that’s taught. I don’t think failure is Todd. It’s certainly not shown right. Rarely. Again, popular culture, everybody is successful, but you don’t get successful. You know, all of those things that they hold up as, as the bastions of success. These entrepreneurs are these Google and you know, all of these, what they call Unicorns in the technology world, these aren’t entrepreneurs, right? These are one in a billion companies. These are one in a billion people for the rest of us. It is a slog. It is a difficult hard climb. It’s a journey that takes decades and it’s fucking hard to do.

But in each one of those failures, if you approach it the right way and you assess it correctly and you’re assessing yourself and what you learned, what you did wrong the next time, you’re that much better, and that’s the only way to get there. You can’t get there. You can’t get there without making mistakes. She can’t get there without fucking stuff up. You can’t. I say it all the time. Billy hears me all the time. I just hired a new manager at night. He started Monday. He’s the grave yard manager. I just had this conversation with his bosses. I was like, okay, get ready. Shit’s going to get fucked up. And it has to. He can’t do his job. He can’t learn until he makes a mistake. But guess what? He’s smart. He’ll make the mistake one time and it’ll, ah, I see. I could train him all night long.

I could have somebody with him for three months training them how to do this or I let him go make some mistakes. And if you have the right person in the right mindset, the right attitude, the right approach, he’s gonna learn from that mistake. That’s life and a microcosm working in, you know, managing my, my operations at night and a microcosm is life. That’s it. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Do better the next time. Move forward. Self assess, make mistakes, learn from them. Do better the next time, move forward. Right. Cool. Let’s talk one second about your stupid shirt.

Oh, my shirt. Yeah. I’m just gonna let everybody know. The braise will win against a series against the Dodgers. I who they plan. I forget who they’re playing. They’re playing Braves. Yeah. We’re playing the team that chokes a lot during the post season, so it in the La Dodgers, so it just works. It’s like that actually, you know what? I put all aside though. Dogs are really good team. We’re going to hang out with this. Oh, that’s fake. Are Dodgers Fan. That’s true. No, I’m sorry Aaron. You’re a dodger fan. But there is one person that gets it. This signal idiot is a dodger fan, or I is a Braves fan and the Braves and the Dodgers are about to go to gallery by not telling us. Everybody loves a good comeback story though. I mean we’re, we’re, we’re in the position of placing last in our division, you know, and we do about seven and a half games above second place in our division.

I mean, we care to stay. It’s a bridge. What I’m saying though is like people, I’m telling you, they’re gonna under, we’d been under estimated the whole year. Right? You have. But with our young talent though out, you’re ready? Yeah. Obviously time. No, I’m not winning the whole or shut down. That went the whole day now series. No, it’s gotta be a lot better than what people are going to expect or you know, are expecting. And I was gone be a sweep. How’s your voice in here? How’s your boys and Georgia doing? Oh, they’re doing fine. And, and are they in there too and so far and number two in the nation are not good for sure. And we beat Tennessee. I mean number two in the nation is really, I don’t know, cause you’ve got to be on banners up on top, right? Yeah, exactly. There’s like number one and then there’s a whole, the other league. Absolutely. Goddamn Alabama, Tennessee volunteers are in like the high school league aren’t, they still are still. You still college team. We’re bad about to throw

away the program. Just, just toss the program that you used to be something. Oh yeah, eh. Although again, I still love, we were talking about it yesterday. I still love the, I happened to be watching the game. I don’t know why I don’t watch college football. I happened to be watching the game that Tennessee, Georgia game couple of years ago. What’s your problem, Jake? Yeah. Right. Oh Man. What’s the matter bringing up bad memories like torso, multiple bad memories because Alabama the boot to yeah. You know the championship game dude, Tom have a national championship. All of this is not chopped off the last one. Yeah, yeah, for sure. I mean that’s a ballsy move us. That’s a hell of a coach, you know, to put your back up in the second half in the national championship as a freshman. Hell of a move though. But God, I forgot you lost to the, to a freshman.

We had a freshman make, you know, get us there. So I have coffee. I’m confident this year. I will say though, but yeah, I’ll be able to found Amazon guy and I’m looking forward to our Braves Dodgers matchup. Uh, I won’t be talking to any shit. You probably won’t be either. So it’ll be, I mean aspect to do good. So yeah guys, I appreciate you coming in. That was fun. Yeah it was fine. You gave us exactly what we were. Uh, exactly what we’re looking for. Max. You got anything you want to add? Max has 17 senior in high school planning on hitting the military when you get out, right. Uh, kind of shave that beard at some point. I hope it’s going to have to do that as a a Ham Lincoln. It just needs to go but look at these two. Can’t even, they wished they could grow up here so brutal.

And you youtube wish you could grow and looking at his, I feel like I’ve shaved this morning. I did and I realized I haven’t shaved in three days. We’re looking at here is, it feels like I’ve, that wraps us up. Thanks everybody for tuning in. Be sure to, I don’t hear any music. Oh yeah, it gets added in post. Be sure to go ahead and play rocky top in the background. Rocky top Tennessee. Do we look like hillbillies? Are you going to go to Tennessee and come back wearing shit kickers, Tennessee. That’s a him. Yeah. Why would I ever go to dance and be sure to check us out on youtube, Instagram, Facebook, iTunes, Google, reddit, and Spotify. Go breaks. There’s no way to forgive a, where are we? Jerry brazy on all of them. Send your questions to questions at Gerry [inaudible] dot com check us out at [inaudible] dot com remember people, did you say go Braves in the middle of my out of trow out at the end of it all. I was about to say [inaudible] leave on a good note. Everybody wants to get to know when they leave it off your chest. Okay. His mind [inaudible] red read shed is Mike. Remember opportunities are everywhere. Go Dodgers and wait a minute. Not completely fucked this up. 

the opportunity’s  are everywhere you got to go get them people piece.

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