Blair Bryant Nichols

Blair Bryant Nichols

Blair Bryant Nichols is the Director of Stages for Advance Your Reach. He oversees the Stage Agency, connecting entrepreneurs and business owners with stages that will grow their business, and manages its community of meeting planners. After beginning his career representing hundreds of authors from Top 6 publishers, he moved into the management of founders, entrepreneurs, executives, authors, and celebrities, with various work streams, projects, and personal interests, acting as a Chief of Staff, manager, or agent. He has deep expertise in developing speakers for corporate events, conferences, and other thought leadership opportunities, including internal and external communications. As a manager, coach, and consultant, he enjoys helping diverse individuals and/or socially-driven companies foster new strategies for operations, communications, business development, and partnerships across all appropriate areas to develop further and enhance their bottom line and brand. He earned his M.B.A from UCLA-Anderson with a specialization in Entertainment Management and a B.A. in Literature from American University.

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