Cara Macklin

Cara Macklin

She is a Founder, CEO & Serial Entrepreneur who has scaled 8 figure businesses in healthcare, hospitality & real estate. She was a disrupter in the healthcare industry, creating Northern Ireland’s first Lifestyle Care Home cited as a ‘world-class concept.’ As CEO of Caram, a Scaling Navigator, and Creative Disruption Strategist, she guides multi-million entrepreneurs to Scale for the Future, achieve Freedom & Create Meaningful Impact using her Change Makers Scaling Programme. Her entrepreneurial journey began at five years old in her family business at the kitchen table, and she started her first business at 15. A Director of a multi-award-winning healthcare & hospitality group, scaling from 7 figures with three companies & 200 employees to 8 figures with seven businesses & 600 employees. She has been at the pointy end of the business, experiencing the highs and lows, challenges, and growing pains of scaling multi-million-pound businesses in challenging industries. With a purpose to push boundaries, create meaningful change and have a powerful impact, she has a passion for growing businesses and developing great people who she can inspire to deliver this change. Her love for innovative methods was first ignited while working in Marks & Spencer’s Food Trend Studio in London, which continued throughout her entrepreneurial journey. In today’s world of uncertainty, volatility, speed of change, and disruption, she believes it’s the entrepreneurs who can think creatively, adapt quickly, and be flexible who will be the most successful in the future. She has been awarded IoD finalist Director of Innovation, Top 40 under 40, WIB Young Businesswoman & Outstanding Innovation Leader and has appeared on BBC, FOX TV, and featured in Thrive Global & TedX Circle.

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