Keith Merron

Keith Merron

Keith Merron is the founder and Managing Partner of Leadership Pathway, an organizational consulting and leadership development firm dedicated to helping organizations with bold visions achieve sustainable high performance and industry leadership. As organization effectiveness and executive development consultant, he has more than 38 years of experience assisting executives and managers in business, government, and education. Keith has designed and led over 100 seminars and workshops for leaders. In addition, he has helped create some of the most innovative leadership training programs in the country. Keith received his Doctorate from Harvard University in 1985, where his studies spanned human and organization development. He is the author of six books on human and organizational change, the most recent of which is The Art of Transformational Coaching. Keith teaches leadership at Hult School of Business and is in high demand as a speaker on leadership and building extraordinary organizational cultures. Keith is single with two children, lives in San Rafael, California, and enjoys golf, tennis, bicycling, and pottery in his spare time.

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