Robert Courtney

About Robert Courtney

Robert Courtney is an innovator of disruptive business strategies, and a builder of the community through digital marketing, branding, and service. A desire to invest in the development of people and their personal brand has been a vision of his for over a decade. 

In 2008, he founded UNEEK, a barbershop turned global fashion line and events company that has seen the likes of over 500 events and sales in Austria, Australia, and various parts of the United States. In 2013, Robert began consulting people to help establish and define their brands. One year later, following the death of his father, he decided to give more time to this aspect of his business. 

Months leading up to his passing, many conversations they had centered on the importance of philanthropy, and that has become the resounding theme of Robert’s life. Helping people achieve a better presentation of themselves personally and professionally has become one of his main goals. A practical understanding of how to accomplish these things over social has created tremendous success in this regard. 

Robert Courtney & Associates is based around helping companies and individuals market and brand their ideas. The company teaches aspiring business owners on how to articulate their brand stories and successfully communicate their ideas on social media and many other cost-efficient platforms.

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