About Sami Sattva

Sami is originally from the Southwest states, spending the majority of her time in Scottsdale, Arizona, Las Vegas, and southern California, before moving to Denver, finally making her way to Portland, Oregon where she resides now. She’s a seasoned entrepreneur in the marketing and media fields specializing in the lifestyle spaces, such as hospitality, food and beverage, entertainment, creative). and largely focuses on creative strategies for community impact.

When she began working at 14 years old, she stepped into the Hospitality industry, specifically in restaurants, and to this day hasn’t ever left. She made her mark mostly in the Phoenix music and entertainment industries where she successfully built a talent agency that operated for 10 years where her team created a multitude of creative services mostly business to consumer.

During that time she explored the world of experiential marketing, combined with the hospitality industry she found her sense of belonging by connecting with people, providing warm and welcoming environments to enjoy experiences. Whether that be at a show providing entertainment, a lounge or hotels providing VIP service, or in restaurants as facilitating culinary and craft beverages, community is her main target. 

Fast forward to today, she mostly provides business to business creative services with her newly branded agency, Lambda Lion Group, that focuses on providing media (commercial photography, video, design), marketing strategies, and brand development for the Lifestyle based businesses (ie: hospitality, entertainment, tourism, creative, food and beverage brick and mortars & products). 

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Say, Hey Chael can I speak with you for a minute? And you can’t turn around? And he’s like, yeah, buddy, what’s up? And I, you know, and you’re in the fucking octagon. Walked right up into it. But, but what’s crazy is the nerves right there. It was, it was like I’m talking to you now. Yeah. Hey, I’m really passionate about working for MMA. Uh, is there any way you can help me? Can I buy you lunch? Can we can give a few minutes to chat? We’re doing this. Let’s go. All righty. We are joined today in today’s podcast by Hendrick Tom McAreavey. Yep. Close enough. We’ll go ahead. That was good. Hendrick Tommy [inaudible] give you the gold nine under Tom Leukemia. I’m fucking there. Uh, and Hendrick is a guy that I met through my trainer Ryan at the gym and he was a, well, he will tell his own story, but we thought we’d come in.

We’ve had some good conversations over the last few months and, uh, we’ve got video that we did an interview with him prior to him kind of going on this journey that he’s on. And then we wanted to talk about what he’s done and what the results of that conversation of Ben. So by the time you guys hear this podcast, you can go to youtube, Billy, correct me if I’m wrong, you can go to youtube, we’ll release the video a few days, a day or so early, and then you can see the conversation, uh, that we did at the gym and then the followup that we’re doing here, because I think it’s a neat, it’s a neat story and I think a Hendrick’s whole story is kind of cool. So without, uh, without further ado, pull that Mike right up to your face so you can kinda, there it is. There it is. And you can move that however we got on.

Yup. There you go. Yeah. All visual icon Rogan, man. Yeah, that shit around. You’re good to go. Yeah. Uh, so tell us a jet before you tell us specifically about where, what we’re talking about. Your background is cool too. And uh, and I appreciate that. So go all the way back to, uh, you know, you were born. Yeah. So I was born in 1993 and the beautiful country of Estonia, Estonia, I was born there, uh, the age of six and 1999 moved to USA, Seattle area, moved with my mom and my, uh, my sister and my brother, um, for new opportunity and a men that they threw me right in the first grade, didn’t speak a lick of English. And the first day, you know, I’m sitting there and all these kids are trying to talk to me. I freaked out. Right. There’s kind of a funny story because I’m an hour in. These kids are trying to talk to me. I’m not, I don’t know what the hell is going on. Right. Fuck this. So I grabbed my backpack. I leave the principles like what the hell is this kid doing? Yeah. This is first day of first grade. My mom always tells this story. It’s kind of embarrassing, but I’ve learned to embrace it. Yeah. Cause everybody, everybody’s and talk to me. I don’t fucking know what they’re saying. I’m six years old. I screw

this. I’m going back home. Like I don’t like this. So I’m, I, I walk out and the principal stops me and my mom had to come to a co come back to the school. And then, um, my, my sister and I were put into this like English ESL learning class and my mom sat in my classroom for about a month. But when you’re that young, you absorb it so, so quickly and so easily. So, um, so, um, learn English relatively quickly. In 2002, we moved down to Oregon city, so it’s Oregon area and I’ve been here ever since. Um, my mom got married to my Stepdad. I have two stepbrothers, a brother and a sister. So youngest of five. Um, went to school at Oregon City College at Oregon State, graduated with my degree in finance. Uh, my mom, um, is it, it’s basically the American dream.

I mean, she restarted her life at 32 years old, moved to America, um, started working at 32 as an accountant position, retired a CFO at a 51. So it’s the old man, uh, my stepdad no. Your, your original debt. Yes. So, uh, I don’t, I don’t really speak to him. Okay. Um, him and I, uh, I see here, or he, he’s in Estonia, but luckily I’ve got a belly turned me up a little bit. I’ve got a PR, uh, you know, the, the best situation and step parent that, you know, my Stepdad has really embraced the role of, you know, being that father figure in my life. So, um, I never look at my situation is, is something like, oh, boo hoo, poor me. I don’t have both my, you know, blood parents, but, you know, we’ll have to do it. Stepped in and interview a couple of weeks ago where the guy who told me the same thing and I, and, and, and he said this bermed owner father.

Yeah. He was what he called it. Yeah. You’ll fall in. I mean, that’s, that’s a, that’s a great way of saying that. And uh, yeah, my Stepdad is great. Good. Yeah. So, yeah, I’ve had a great family, a great upbringing. Um, and yeah, Oregon City, for anybody that doesn’t know, which is essentially the Portland area. Yeah. So a little south of Portland. Um, went to school in Corvallis, went to Oregon State University. Got My degree in finance. Um, and uh, during that time, I mean, I started a snack food delivery business, but now kind of Uber eats has taken over that market, but we did store to your door. So, uh, me and a few of my buddies decided, um, we, we had ordered Jimmy Johns and we just wanted it the cookie. And so I was late and I had my Tang, I love their cookies and like, hey, you gotta order a sandwich to get the cookie?

I’m like, yeah, I turned to my friend Brad. I’m like, man, what if we, what if we started something like this one? I don’t know this story. Yeah. So store to your door. We started in 2014. Okay. Yeah, we did it for about a year. I was basically when I was, when I was in college, I knew that everything I did in the next four years was I had to just, just be all in. So apart from, you know, being a full time student, I worked at a leasing office for a student Housing Company, uh, apartment complex. And I was just selling that, those apartments. I loved living there and uh, and everybody knew it and I was like, how whoever walks in that door, I’m gonna do my best to uh, yeah, I’ll get them live here. So that’s where I learned sales because I got comfortable in selling because I was living there and there’s a cool property and everything.

So I did that. I did the snack food delivery business. Um, so I mean I would literally, I’d have class from like 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM and then have a little bit of a break. And then from three to seven was we’re doing the leasing stuff, the apartment complex. And then at night we would, we’d go for like nine to 2:00 AM some days to just deliver food. And in Corvallis is basically that market. So people will call in or call and get your word out. How’d you get the word out? Um, basically started handing out flyers on campus. I mean, we, we had $0 million for a marketing budget. We had nothing. We were just, you know, for broke college students trying to, trying to just do this and perfect. And so that’s what we did. And, and we would give out sodas and stuff if people liked us on Facebook.

And that kind of grew that aspect of it. And, and just word of mouth really started, mmm. Got Texts we had people on bikes with. I mean, and an Uber destroyed you? Yeah. Oh yeah. Well it did it for about a year and then just realized it was, uh, uh, for, we just, our hearts weren’t in it anymore. It was popular for a few months, a way to make the living. Yeah. It was just kind of tough, so tiny on those deliveries. So, uh, but that was a good experience. And a, uh, now I’m working for, um, can I say the name of the company? Sure, yeah. I worked for mentor graphics as a, a, um, uh, order analysts, so processing big orders for companies like Google, Intel, HP,

and what’s Metagraphics explained to, or graph has been around a, it’s a Portland icon. It’s a, it’s like Nike or Intel. It’s been around a long time, uh, south of the city down in Wilsonville. But tell everybody what,

yeah, so the mentor graphics, what they do is, um, they developed software for engineers that then produced products. I’m such an engineering software, so mmm. Again, I don’t actually deal with the specifics of each software. You’re a hell of a salesman, but I bet. But, uh, you know, um, the audio in your car and all the digital stuff, I mean, all this software that we sell is used to design, um, for things like that. So we saw that like auto automotive companies, the military, I mean everybody, sorry.

Here in Portland almost went out of business here about 15 years ago. Uh, and has made a tremendous comeback. I know some of the guys that started it originally way back when and yeah, so that’s a, yeah, it’s a neat story out there because that company’s thriving now. It’s a great company. They build up like a software service and then sell it off to somebody to sell or,

yeah, we have distributors, but um, we have both. We have both direct that channel and a distributor channels, so. Nice. All right. And you started there right out of college? No, I started there a little over a year ago. Okay. And what’d you do in between? Uh, worked for a food service distributor and, and uh, in Wilsonville did inside sales, um, basically you managing accounts for outside salespeople and processing orders and stuff. Cisco, uh, knows Houston’s and Cisco was a customer of Houston and FSA was, so it’s basically the main distributor. Um, right. So you go for the, so you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re w you want a new job after doing that and you move to men or graphics or how is it going to come into that? So this kind of ties into what we’ve talked about over the past couple of months. Um, so I went from, he worked at Houston’s for about two years, kind of knew that I was basically peaked out at what I could really do.

There was no, uh, opportunity to really move up. Um, so I was really searching for something new. I wanted something and I was, I was kinda getting into this like nine to five, the same thing every single day. And it was just like, you know, I, I don’t want to be like the people that around me that worked here for 20, 30 years. And, you know, I, I knew that I wanted to do much more than that. Um, so I, I did get an offer from another company. Everything was great except the offer and life as I knew it started to deteriorate out of nowhere. So, uh, so I started this new company. So, so I, I put in my two weeks at Houston’s, took about two weeks off, went camping with some friends in central Oregon bend. Um, and I came back and, uh, a week before I was about to start this new job, I was started feeling a little weird and it was hard to explain cause I, I just felt really tired and really exhausted.

And, uh, this for about 24, yeah, this time I was, I a 26 now, 26. Now, this was, so, this was, um, uh, almost, uh, just about a little over a year ago when this all happened. Um, but I, I was not feeling good. I didn’t know what it was. Um, so I started this new job and it was a regional sales roles. So I, they flew me out to Salt Lake City and I did a bunch of training on these products and stuff, and I am into my hotel room at night and I was just, I was depressed. I had never really been depressed, and I had no reason to really be depressed, but something was wrong. I just did not feel good. I was so depleted of energy and, and I knew something was up. So, so I was in Utah for three, four, or five days, and I come back to Oregon and, um, you know, my Stepdad’s texts me, he’s like, hey, how’d the first week go?

Everything. I was like, oh, it’s awful. I’m doing awful. And he’s like, Whoa, whoa. What’s going on? Is he immediately caused a concern there. So he calls me and he tells me to come on parents’ houses and Oregon city’s so not too far from where I was living and went out there for the weekend. I said something’s wrong. And I was like, this is not a good fit for me. MMM. And I, you know, I’m not a quitter, but it was, it was one of those things. And, and the story, we’ll get to it. Something was terribly wrong and it started, I went to a doctor and basically told them my symptoms. They would, they that did blood tests on me. They did a lot of different tests, but they basically like, you’re just crazy. You say your symptoms were at that time, um, just fatigued. All you all, I wanted to do sleep, um, joint pain. My vision was starting to get blurry. Um, my hearing got worse. I mean it was just everything in a matter of days, not even a week from starting this new job to like, this was on a Monday and now we’re at Friday and something’s up. Cause my mind starts taking over.

So it wasn’t really the job essentially was that you were, yeah, that job never really got a full, not like you quit. It never got a full, exactly. We got all your attention. So I had to get out. You’re like, I gotta I got, fuck this. I gotta bail. I’m not feeling it.

I was, yeah. It was basically like, fuck this. I gotta bail. And uh, I don’t know how to explain it because I was so afraid to tell anybody what was really going on. Cause I didn’t know. Um, and I would go to doctors. I went to three, four different doctors. Yeah. They gave me antidepressants. They said I was depressed. MMM. Yeah, I took those. So this was, I want to say beginning of July. So it all started in May and it took like six weeks to get these antidepressants. This is what they, they thought it was. And I basically told him, I was like, I don’t think this is the answer. And they’re like, you have to take these, this is what’s going to make you better. And when you feel hopeless and you feel helpless and, and you’re like, dude, I don’t know what’s going on, so I should try and take them. I took these on a Friday and I flew to Vegas for international fight week for UFC last year, which should be like the funnest time for me. It was miserable the second I got to Vegas, I wanted to go home. I was with my two best friends were in the fighter host hotel for the UFC events. So there’s fighters everywhere, like

we should say for you, that fucking Nirvana, right? Yeah. It’s as good as it gets bigger and we’ll get to that. But you’re a big time fight guy.

Yeah. So yeah. So it’s like if you’re big into NBA [inaudible], Koby Bryant and Lebron James and all these guys are walking by you or by Oh my God.

Not even, not just Kobe Bryant. I tell him belly we had Clifford on. Yeah. Oh yeah. Back in the, he knew exactly. Oh yeah. Tell me when. What was Clifford’s last name? I’m sorry. I just heard Starks. Starks. I said, dude, I had Clifford Starks on in you. I’m like, Oh yeah. And then I, he got then I, yeah, you’ll all Romero and whether using with a flying kick me, yeah, he just firemen at a 14 yeah, I record or something. And you’re like, what? So when you say, you know, and the mayor, you’re into it international week for you

is the Superbowl. Oh yeah. This is like the, this is what I had, you know, this is what was planned for four or five months with two of my best friends and now I’m here and I’m, I’m, I’m on these antidepressants and my GI flushed them down the toilet after day two because telling you it did the opposite of what they said it would do. I, I did not want to live any longer and I, that’s when I knew I was like, this is, this is not me. Some I, this is not me in here, in my, in my head is not me. So I had to get out. I’ve flushed those down in the toilet and my friends, like, what are you doing in there? I’m like, nothing. I didn’t tell them till months later. So, um, it get back to Oregon. My mom was like, how was your trip?

Awful. Start crying. And I’m not, I’m not a big tough guy, macho guy, but I’m not, I don’t really like, I never, you strike me as kind of a bitch. I know we had everything in a lot in common. Um, but, uh, no. So I, I this, this freaking thing was, was messing with my emotions. Like W I couldn’t control my emotions anymore. Um, and now, now I’m out of work. My mom’s like, what are you going to do now? And uh, and she was like, you making a big mistake by quitting this job. I’m like, mom, you don’t understand. Something’s wrong. And uh, yeah. Then I went to another doctor. Same thing. Crazy. All the other doctors, right? You’re wrong. So fast forward a couple of weeks ago in an interview with mentor graphics. Now, the night before my interview I drove back from bend with, with another buddy of mine who we had visited our friends down there and my car started smoking the night before my interview.

Just start smoking weed. We don’t know what’s wrong. Uh, so I had to call my mom the next one I’m like, can you drive me to my interview at 25 years old? I’m like, Mommy’s going to drop me off at my interview. She make you a lunch? No, she was just coming to Starbucks. So, so I’m driving to this interview and I’m cloudy as hell. Like my, I cannot think straight, but when, when I got to that parking lot, I shit you not, I was like, whatever I fucking got in this next hour, I have to kill it. I have to kill it. Like all the bullshit. I got to like separate it. Yeah. And I went in there and I, and I was just mentality was like, even though it was, I was not right up here, like in my heart, I felt good and I just knew that like I gotta like get back up on my feet, set up, killing it, getting the interview, getting the job.

Um, and so I was feeling stoked about that. And then, so there was about two week buffer period between, you know, accepting the job offer and, and I’m actually starting, so I went to go see one more doctor, same stuff. Now I’ve gone through five, six doctors and now I still don’t know what’s going on. And I start this job where everything’s new and you’re gonna spend how long man, it’s been over two months. So it’s been over two months and everyone’s just telling you you’re depressed. Yeah. And I’m not telling any of my friends, you know, I am just like, you know, not showing any inch of my symptoms. I’m at least, I’m not trying to, but I knew something was wrong because I started the job and everything. Everything is going well because I was, my mentality was when I would drive to work, I would pump myself up to be like this.

He’s next eight hours. You’ve got to fucking kill it. Like all this other bullshit that’s going on in your life. You go home, you sleep for the next 18 hours if you have to, but you’re going to come back. And I, and it was just like, I kept working and working and working and working and then I went out of town, uh, for my, my roommate, him, him and his family have a kind of get together, uh, every summer. So went to that mass. The same thing in Vegas. I just felt so down and depressed. I want to go back home. And so I get back from that trip, get uh, went to the gym and I’m sitting in the sauna just googling my symptoms. Probably the worst thing you could do for yourself. You’re like, aw, my foot’s asleep now. Got Cancer. Like, Oh man, nothing good comes from that.

I’m just like googling all this stuff. And I told her concern. Yeah. Yeah. So, um, I come across this youtube video of this doctor and she talks about Lyme disease and she talks about how it’s basically all these symptoms I have. She’s talking about how she had, and it motivated her to become a doctor. I’m like, Oh my God, this is the craziest story of my life. This I like, I got to meet her. But in my head I’m like this, she’s probably in like San Francisco or Washington DC, some big city, right? It’s like Google her name, it’s like 15 minutes up the road. So my, what are the fucking chances at UTS? I’m like, Holy Shit. Right. So I called my mom, I’m like, mom, I found this doctor. Bobo’s I was like, all right, like this is the last chance you guys doctors, cause she’s getting so tired of like no answers and me going to the same stuff.

And, but I was like, I’m not going to take these antidepressants so I go to this doctor and it’s all out of pocket. Right. Cause it’s a, it’s a natural, natural, natural pathic doctor. Yeah. Um, so I go there and within five minutes she knew what I had. She had, she’s like, you have exactly what I had. Um, and what, what motivated me to go to medical school because the doctors told me the same thing. I’m depressed. I need to put on handcuffs. I don’t scratch myself. And, and things like that. I mean, she, she went through the ringer and she got the brain fog. The brain fog was the worst part. I told my mom was begging and once if I have this, all the other stuff I could deal with, you know, seven cereal palsy, man. And it’s like you grow up just like dealing with it, right?

And so my mom always forced me to play soccer and stuff and it’s like, no excuses. So always had that mentality. But so once I got diagnosed, um, they made me do a urine test and which test positive for three different, um, forms of Lyme bacteria, um, as Borrelia Bartonella. Those are the two major ones. And, uh, at that point it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders because now I’m like, now I know the battle ahead of me because for the last two months, you’re fighting to figure out what’s wrong with you. Now I’m like, okay, can we get rid of it? And, and what gave me hope was she’s like, it’s gonna take six months. But the fact that you sought out like help and you found it within a six month period, because she said, after six months you can treat it, but it’ll never really fully go away.

But if you get it within, if you’re able to get it diagnosed within a six month window, your chances of getting rid of it are much higher. So they put me on, you know, four different antibiotics and I’m still working and she’s telling me, hey, like you should really take it easy. I could give you a note and, uh, you know, we, you can recover for, you know, however long it takes. But this is something that you need to take very seriously because j health and being on antibiotics and working and you don’t overstress yourself. And you know what I said, Yay. I was like, fuck, I’m going to keep working because it gave me a sense of, you know, it made me um, know that my life had value because if you take away the work, then what am I doing? I’m laying in bed all day.

Right. And then it’s like, then, then the depression is really going to hit at that point. Pretty soon. Bad habits form. Yeah. So, so I kept working and I am telling you I was having like four double espressos a day. I was so hyped up on caffeine because my body would get so tired. But I kept fighting through it. And now it’s funny because I look at my, um, when I started, I have a spiral notebook. All these notes I would take and I took very specific notes step by step, by step, by step by step. Because, um, the brain fog, the, the scariest symptom for me was I, you know, you have a favorite song that you know, by heart. I would listen to some of those songs and I started forgetting the words and you know, my grandpa had Alzheimer’s, my great aunt had dementia.

So I’m thinking the worst I was, so this is before I got the diagnosis. But, um, having the, the brain had gone so bad that every morning I set aside 30 minutes to do quizzes or trivia or things that, that, that would, you know, help with the brain. And I, and I changed my diet to Keto Diet. Everything the doctor recommended. I was taking the antibiotics, probiotics, all these vitamins, minerals. But I was still working and I was still, I’m trying to kill. But the crazy thing about this thing is once you start the treatment, the first month or two or hell like it, it’s not one of those things where, you know, you go to the doctor that gave me medicine, you get better. Yeah. This was like a rollercoaster from hell, I’m telling you like goes down and then it stays down for a long time and then four months later it finally came up and, and I would go to these checkups every month and be like, I think I think I misdiagnosed or something because it’s not getting better. And she was

like, trust me, you have to trust me. I mean, I had never talked to her before this like it wasn’t like a longterm friend or something in that, you know, I build a rapport with. Yeah. But I mean she was right and it was crazy because, so I got bit by a tick in May and I would say, and I got the diagnosis in September and so from September till January was just terrible. But I mean, at the end of January, beginning of February, it’s crazy because it, it wasn’t a gradual recovery. It was kind of like 30% to maybe 90% a two week period. Wow. And I so significant in that two week period. It was crazy. After months of yeah. Feeling like shit. Oh yeah. Just feeling like dog shit. And it’s crazy because, uh, one of the things that my mom bought brought to my attention, I don’t really remember telling her this, but I said, damn, like when I get with his brain back, I said, when I get my mind back where I’m sharp and I can think, and I don’t feel cloudy, I’m going to chase my dream.

And that’s the UFC dream. And that’s the goal. And that’s one of the big reasons why we’re here today is because, um, you know, once I got out of that lime cloud and you set our mutual friend and trainer Ryan, I approached him. He had opened his new gym, Valley Strength Defendants, Clackamas best, uh, Jim and town checking out what a shadow. So, uh, yeah, I went to Ryan and, uh, I texted him at day before and I said, hey man, like want to reconnect when to check out your new GMO and start training. I battled Lyme disease. I was off the grid for a while and he’s like, Whoa, Holy Shit. Back up a second before you get to that, hold that thought. Uh, tell us about your other issue. Cerebral Palsy. So I was born premature and I was born with cerebral palsy. So I’ll walk with a significant limp and it’s going to be with me for the rest of my life.

But, um, other people look at it as, as something that’s going to hold me back. But I don’t, I don’t, it’s not much of an issue for me. I just knowing you, you bet. I didn’t even know. Yeah, that’s what Ryan says still. So I didn’t notice that once you told me, I’m like, Oh yeah, he does have a little bit of a limp, I suppose. But, but knowing you, there was no, I mean, unless you told me or until you told me there was no way that, that, that you would know, but you have what does it, your left leg is all fucked up. Yeah. Yeah. Just, um, basically what cerebral palsy is, it’s the brain, um, doesn’t send a signal to like part of the foot. So I mean, I can’t really wiggle my toes on my left foot, but uh, compared to a lot of other people that, that have this, um, condition, I am pretty lucky. So, so with that being said, you’ve got, I want to go back to go into work and you’re feeling like shit, but you figured out the Lyme disease. You figured you, you feel like shit. Now it’s time to go back to work. The doctors telling you as they always fucking do,

I’ll write you a note,

right? Yeah. I mean, I have a thousand stories about doc saying, do you want to take the day off? I’ll write you the note. They don’t have to say no. Yes to that people. There’s write the docs. Most of that comes from doctors wanting to cover their asses. Rightfully so, because attorneys have so fucking turned the world upside down that they have to offer this to you, but you don’t have to take it. Um, I don’t know how many times, as an example, I’ll tell a story. I, and I know Billy surprised. I’m telling a story. When I finally made money, this is in my thirties me, my teeth were rotted the fuck out of my face. Okay, terrible. As you would you come from where I come from and grow up? Poor I, no one’s telling me to brush my teeth, let alone did I have any sense of, of, of taking care of them or flossing or what anybody that is.

So, I mean I can remember as a kid, I was 21 years old and I needed to have all four of my wisdom teeth yanked. I scheduled it for six o’clock in the morning cause I gotta work, man. I got to eat, I got food to buy. And as I’ve always said, I connect food and work together. And so I got it done at six o’clock in the morning. I was out at eight 15. Uh, I kept one of the tooth, I still have it in my, in my desk is big, gnarly fucking tooth. The other three had to be dug out by pieces. I don’t know if you guys have had your wisdom teeth. They’re these fucking massive teeth in the back of your, of your, of your head, your jaw swells up, your, your, your cheeks puff out and they’re like, yeah, you need to, and anyone else here in this story, we’ll have gone home.

You need to go home. I was like, yeah, okay, what’s the program? No, you can’t really hurt yourself but you’re going to be miserable. And so I dispatched in those days, which means not like I do it today. It was all talking into a mic just like I’m doing now. Go here, go there, go there. Only for me it sounded like go here, go there, go there. Because I bit down on Gauze all day and I take it out and it was just a big bloody fucking mass and drop it in the, in the, in the, uh, in the trash and put in new gauze and go right back to working and did my 10 hours and never missed a fucking day. Having my wisdom teeth pulled jump forward. I finally make money. Okay. And I’ve got enough money to thank God, get my fucking teeth fixed because they’re nightmares.

So I’ll, I’ll, I’ll never forget this. It costs me 32 K oh wow. $32,000. And I was like, okay, I’m taking the whole day off work. I scheduled it in advance. I’m taking the whole day off work now. I was like, doc knocked me the fuck out. We’re doing it all at once. He’s like, no, no, no, we’ll do this this time. Even they give you the schedule. And I was like, no, no, no. You don’t understand. I’m not coming back. We’re doing this. One time. He was like, seriously, I had fucking holes, posts yanked cavities filled, veneers may, I mean you name it casts a whole nine yards. I was in the chair for 10 hours, $32,000 worth of work ahead to come back to get the teeth popped back on that they made because I put a bunch of posts in and shit like that and I did it all at one time and went back to work cause I gotta work.

Yeah, it does. It just pure and simple. He says, I’ll give you a couple of days off. I scheduled it on a Friday. I was like, fucking couple of days off the weekend man. I mean, got a couple of days, couple of days off. They’ll give you a viking it, no, you don’t have to take it. I didn’t take it in this case. I mean all of these things that they tell you, no matter how much, how brutal, whatever it is that you’re going through, you get to make the decision. So having said that, where does it, where do you think I know where I got it. I got it from survival mode growing up. That’s, that’s where it comes from me. Where did you get it? Japan. An immigrant. Is it a, your mom was hardcore, where, where did you get this? Cause you know, most people just take the time. Most people just take the fucking time off because the doc gave him permission to, I mean I know people who, who literally have a root canal and take the day off.

Yeah. I mean for, for me, I just, I the, the thought of quitting never crossed my mind. And uh, I think it’s, uh, I think like you were saying, it’s, it’s, it’s a mentality whether whether you’re born with it or are you develop it over time. Um, whether it’s with the cerebral palsy or knowing that I had Lyme disease and I, it’s like, man, if I made it this far with cerebral palsy in a played soccer and I did all these things that doctor said I wouldn’t be able to do, I’m telling you, the doctor, when I was born, my mom told me this story. Doctrine is stony, told her that I would never walk. And she was just basically like, fuck you and you look at me now. So, um, but that mentality comes from just knowing that sitting at home that’s going to have no benefit for me and I’m able to work in it and yeah, it might be a little bit slower than I then I would be if my mind was clear. But you know, I want to shut my door though my head down and I, I, I knew that it was something that was helping me almost in a weird way. Recover. Right. Such an important,

uh, trait to have such an important personality to have. Is that the, even though you’re uncomfortable, we all think that being uncomfortable gives us license to fuck off. And the reality is, is that for, for for winners, it’s exactly the opposite. For the above average is exactly the opposite.

Yeah. And it’s funny you say that, comfortable and uncomfortable because um, I told you that in the gym one time. I was like, I finally feel comfortable and I think that was misconstrued because I met comfortable and I have my head back. Sure. It like comfortable in the sense that like I’m able to formulate my thoughts and I’m sharp again because I didn’t have that sharpness for three, four months because it was just like, Holy Shit. Right. And there’s days where I would just be so down and there’s nothing you could do and you just hope and you hope cause I’m just shooting this nasal spray in my nose every two hours. It said it’s supposed to clear it up. God, Dr News, she was talking about Courtney Day restorative health clinic. Best doctor. So cool. Um, so now you’ve, now you’re, you’re, you’re 100% yeah. Right.

And that’s this year. Yeah. A few months ago. Yep. Okay. So now we’re back to Ryan. Yeah. Back to Ryan. So, um, as the, as I was getting closer and closer to 100%, I knew that I, um, one of the toughest things during, during the Lyme disease was my joints and my muscles. I, it’d be really achy. So I couldn’t really train the way I want it to. And I knew that once I get better, I want to get back into training with a personal trainer, Ryan. And, uh, so I went to, as Jim and I talked to him about, you know, get, getting a game plan started and, uh, basically told him the story and he thought it was crazy. Um, but, uh, crazy in the sense like I had no idea. I don’t know, a lot of people still know, so they’re listening. They probably learned a lot about me and just the short amount of time.

But, um, we started training and stuff and, and, uh, I, I was really proud of him for starting the, uh, starting his own thing, starting his own gym, getting away from 24. And, uh, we got into the topic of, you know, passion and career path and, and, uh, I told him, you know, I love watching UFC, but I’m really passionate about the growth of the sport and wanting to be involved in and really just not being a fighter, but more just, you know, being, being in part of it would be a part of it. Exactly. And, and I knew, um, the first fight I ever watched was in 2009. It was a guy named Clay Guido and Diego Sanchez. And they just threw down and I was hooked. I remember exactly where I was. I was in my parents’ house watching it. And, and, uh, I knew it was like one day, like, that’s what I want to do.

And when I was in college, it took a professional development class and one of the assignments was, you go talk to this professor on his office hours and you kind of have your career plan. And I told him, you know, a professor, like, I want to work for the UFC. That’s like the dream. And you know, what he said to me, said, why don’t you pick something realistic? That was kind of stuck with me. He’s a great guy actually, but in 95, 96% of the time, 99.9% of the time he’s gonna be right. But I, I think, uh, I know sooner than later, I’m going to get into them and ma world and, and make some noise. So I talked to Ryan about it and he’s like, hey man, you got to talk to my buddy Jerry. And, uh, yeah, we, we set this up and we did our first a podcast in the gym, but one month ago, month and a half ago. And, uh, really, you gave me a lot of good insight. You know, one of the main things that we touched on throughout that conversation was, you know, you’ve been saying one of your videos, you don’t have Dana White walked in there. This kid was pissed his pants and it, and it’s funny as that sounds, it’s, you know, anybody watching you, you look at your idol, you know, who do you look up to or somebody that y’all, if they walked in there, I want their autograph for their picture. Right? That’s how

it was with UFC fighters. Um, yesterday present, Dana White. Um, but one of the things Jerry Tommy is, you know, these guys aren’t better than you. Um, they’re, they, they’re perceived that way just because of the platform they’re given. So, uh, just kinda taking that in and realizing, hey, this guy’s got a point. And, um, you know, I think I told you yeah. And I said this in the video. I think I said they should be asking me for my autograph. Yeah. And that’s not me talking shit. That is exactly how I feel because for a couple of reasons. Number one, they aren’t any better than me in, in many cases they haven’t, they have no concept of what I’ve come through and what I’ve achieved from where I started to where I am. So I look at that and go, well, fuck, you know, just because they can throw down and fight doesn’t have any, any, any, um, it doesn’t any way take away from what I’ve done in life.

I would love to see them have lived through my life and come out and gotten where I’ve gotten. So I look at that and go, I’m fucking superman. Yeah. So I’m, I’m, I’m respectful of gnome or excuse me, I should say I respect people, but I’m not respectful until you’ve earned it. So I don’t even know who the fuck you are just because you’re fighting some dude on television that had me shit to me. I don’t care now at the same time, it’s important from a success perspective, it’s important from a moving up in your company perspective, it’s important when you’re trying to sell a new startup, it’s important when you’re trying to sell a product, all of these things are important that the person on the other side that you look at as an equal. So when you’re trying to, to, to get a raise, and we’re always scared to go into the boss and ask for more money.

I always say, no, no, no, no. Understand what the, how the boss looks at it. It’s why I do this all the time. And I tell people, go talk to the fucking boss. They’re not as scary as you think they are. They’re not looking at the world the way that you think they do. They don’t go home at night and have a fucking cigar and a top hat. And they’re sitting there thinking diabolical thoughts about how they can fuck all the employees out of, out of whatever it is. They’re just normal people. And when you view them as normal people, the conversation is completely different. And, and, and most people in charge are going to be honest with you. The problem is, is that they have to soft shoe around you because so often you don’t want to hear what reality is. So by looking at them as an equal and understanding that, that, that what they’re going to tell you you need to take to heart, that’s the first steps towards, towards being successful.

If you look at him like there’s some sort of of of intimidating figure, you’re never going to get what you want to say across and you’re never going to hear from them what they’re trying to give you to improve you. And so that’s kind of in the office work environment. I don’t know what to fucking works. If you’re in a, it doesn’t matter in your case, when it comes to celebrities, it’s even more so when you’re trying to get to work for celebrities because celebrities get what all day long? What’s Dana White get all day long autographs, pictures, close fan boys left and right, right. So as soon as you said that to me, if Dana white walks in here, as we were talking about your journey, yeah. It immediately hit on me and I was, it was what I said to you immediately was yeah, dude, you got to quit a fan boy bullshit. Because no one respects a family. Yeah.

And I,

yeah. We should say that the advice I was giving you and kind of the reason for our conversation was because do you want to try to break into the UFC? And so you wanted some advice on how to break into the UFC yeah. Or what I should be doing. And what do you think they should do?

Yeah. Well be of Amboy,

right? Yeah. So step one was not being a fan boy.

Yeah. And then, you know, other things that I learned, uh, we’re getting involved, uh, look for local events, uh, find connections that, that can lead you in that direction. So, um, can we say Chael name? Okay. So, so, mmm. So I talked to you and I said, there’s the international fight week in July. Should I go? And you’re like, what the fuck do you think I’m going to say? So I bought a ticket to international fight week in July, and that’s coming up nearby, just over a month. And, uh, after about that ticket, I realized there was two local MMA shows going on in the Portland, Portland area. And I bought tickets to those. And, and uh, with the intention that I was going to talk to Chael Sonnen who was a local MMA fighter, he still fights. He’s fighting in a few weeks against Leo Machida and Bella tour, which is a, a rival organization in the UFC. But Chael, um, is a three time UFC title contender and as you know, over 20 fights in the UFC. So I knew that he, it’d be a good resource for me. And I had tried through other people that were, that, you know, train with shale, you know, trying to get connected to through that. And I wasn’t getting much traction. So, um, at this event, I, I picked the cage sites.

It, and I, I, I think this is important, not only where you’re trying through other means, but you were all emotional when those ones didn’t work out. Right. You were kind of bitching out about, oh, Billy Bob’s is supposed to help me out, but he didn’t, or this guy was supposed to put in a good word for me, but he didn’t. And that’s where I was like, dude, you gotta quit being a pussy about all that stuff.

Yeah. And I mean, it’s, that’s, you know, it sounds funny when you say it, but it’s, it’s the reality of it. I, I realized at a certain point, I can’t rely on somebody else, um, to do the work for me. I knew that I needed to go out there and I needed to make an impression. Um,

imagine that you’re trying to take the easy way out by asking others help and then when they don’t come through for you on the easy way out. Yeah. All pissed off at them.

Yeah, exactly. And, and, or even considering, giving up, like, yeah. Regardless of what they fucking do. Right. Keep going after that.

Yeah. Well I did all, I could fucking asked the guy that knows somebody. Right. And so

yeah, I went to this event and uh, I know it’s important to you. You weren’t going to these events just to watch that fight, right? Yeah. I mean that the fights were enjoyable and then it was actually a really good time. Yeah. But it was, yeah. In the back of my head I knew what I was there for. I had, you know,

no, we talked about it in your, your mindset was pretty fucking razor sharp if there had not been or, or you’re were there for business, the fact that fights went on, we’re a byproduct of that, which is a complete flip from where you were when we started the conversation, which was, I’m all into the fights. I want to figure out how to get over here and talk to these guys.

Yeah. So, yeah, you helped me change my perspective and my outlook on, on the approach. Right. So during the event I was sitting next to UFC fighters, I asked UFC fighters, big MMA fighters and I didn’t care. I mean it was cool. I F fist bump one guy cause he’s like, Hey, what’s up? So, and then Ed Herman, who’s a big local UFC fighter, uh, he, he was, he sat a row behind me and I walked past him. I said hi to him. And then his buddy was like, hey, you want a picture of them? I said, no, I’m okay. Because I thought in the back of my head, I’m like, Jerry would be like, don’t be a pussy.

So in what would you have done weeks before?

Autographs. Pictures, yeah, the whole, the whole nine yards. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, everything. Yeah. So I, uh, all of the socials, so, yeah, exactly. So, so during the event, so, so my goal was to see Chael on and then talk to Chael Sonnen and kind of,

Because our thinking was if you could get to Chael, uh, he’s probably the biggest name that we knew close to us, that would give you the opportunity to,


Two or would at least be an opportunity possibly to get into the game. Right. And not, not the UFC necessarily may and for the the fucking big leagues, but really just MMA. Yeah. Even starting locally and now start local and, and that experience. Right.

So I, I just knew that’s what I needed to do. And it was funny cause I was sitting next to a guy and he’s asking me what I do for work site. I kind of gave him a little rundown of what we spoke about so far. Uh, but I told them, this is the dream. I was like, I’m going to find shale. And I told him and he didn’t know me at all. Yeah. From Spokane. And then, um, during the event I saw channel, I saw his family and then chill kind of left. And I’m like, did he leave? And I, and they had a guy there that’s in charge of, you know, building the cage and breaking it down towards the end of the event. And I asked him, Hey, do you know, do you know where shale went? He’s like, oh, he might’ve left.

I think he had some sort issue going on in my back of my head. I’m like, dammit. So I’m texting, I like to, I think chill left. Um, you texted me. Yeah. You’re like, dude, he was sitting with his family. He just got up and left. Yeah. And I’m like, what the hell am I going to do now? And it’s hard because he was sitting cage side, but on the other side of the cage and how the venue set up you, you gotta like go out one exit going one exit. And they had security all over the place. So it was kind of, I couldn’t go directly to where he is sitting. So I knew, I knew that I, that I needed at some other sort of opportunity. So then he came back because when the main card started, he was doing the post by an interview.

So Gilbert Melendez, one in some other fighters won. He was, he was doing the interviews and, and he would kind of walk towards where I was sitting in the cage because I was a cage side and he would walk towards the, towards the cage. And I be like, hey, chill a chill. I tried to get his attention that way, but it wasn’t working because it was so loud in there. So I shit, I gotta figure out another opportunity. But I had sent you a picture of him interviewing Gilbert Melendez and you’re like, there you go man. Now you have no excuse. In my back of my head, I was just like, if I don’t, if I don’t try my hardest, Jerry’s going to call me a big bitch. And it was like, it sounds funny, but that was literally my mindset. It’s like I can’t leave here empty handed.

So they, they had the fights go on in the main event happened and uh, it was, it was a pretty good fight. And then shales doing the interview and then I’m just seeing all these w these fans try to swarm on the other side. And I’m like, there’s no way I’m going to get through that, through that crowd of people. So I, uh, saw my opportunity, I walked in that cage and the security guy that puts his arm around me, he’s like, hey, you can’t go in there. And I kind of shrugged him off and I’m like, Oh fuck. Now I really gotta go. Right, right. I got tunnel vision. I’m going towards Mr Sunnen and you think, and I’ll, uh, I’ll ask a forgiveness. Yeah. Not Permission because I kind of had to, and I say, Hey, Chael can I speak with you for a minute?

And you can turn around. And he’s like, yeah, buddy, what’s up? And I, you know, you’re in the fucking octagon, but, but what’s crazy is the nerves right there. It was, it was like I’m talking to now. Yeah. Hey, I’m really passionate about working from in May. Uh, is there any way you can help me? Can I buy you lunch? Can we can give a few minutes to chat, love to talk with you. And I had a, I had his business card that I was supposed to get from vista print, but they didn’t show up on time. So I had this, like it wasn’t great, but I went to Fedex and I cut it on like certain papers, so it was fine. And so I gave him my car and he’s like, thanks buddy. I’ll reach out to you in it. So what I said after that was like, yeah, that’s awesome and I appreciate it.

Can I get your info just in case, you know, if you happen to lose it or something, can I get your number and give me his email? I don’t blame for, Oh yeah, here’s my number to everybody. But it got that contact info and uh, he said, I’ll get back to you right away. And so that, I mean that I inside, I was really excited, but I wasn’t gonna be like, oh my God, Yay. This is the best thing ever. Um, but after that, I mean, I called you, I called Ryan a call, a couple

of other people just, I was happy because that’s what I wanted to do and that was the whole goal. And, and it’s like, you know, hitting that buzzer beater is what I needed to do. You were Jack? Yeah, I was jacked. But again, I, I did not fan boy. I wasn’t like, Oh my God, now let’s take a picture. Well that’s step one. Yeah. So I knew that I needed to get back to them right away. I was like, I gotta get, I gotta I gotta hit that send button on that email within 24 hours is the leads hot so, so and, and verbatim, I’ll get back to you right away. So I took that for what it was. So I sent him an email. He got back to me like within an hour and he said, I respected your approach. And that was validation for, I was happy that I did it the way that I did versus getting like, like a recommendation through somebody else.

Sure. It whether it be another fighter that I knew or, or somebody that was close friends with shale, I am glad it went the way that it did. Um, because I think it’s more respectful, the approach because I could tell in his eyes, this guy is for real. He’s not one of these fan boys. Like you were saying, you just want to pictures, I want our autograph. He just wants an opportunity. Well, and from a, from a learning perspective, we talked about this in the gym the other day. Can you imagine yourself having done something like that three months ago? Absolutely not. Right? I could have told you, maybe yes, but I think the execution wouldn’t have been there. I would’ve been too nervous. And I think because your perspective was all fucked up from my purse, from my side. Yeah. Perspective was fucked up.

The way that you viewed the, the, the fighters and you viewed the whole process. And once you got your mind, your head straight on that, um, you look at the level that you then moved yourself to walk into the fucking octagon, introduced yourself to this dude that you would otherwise have been wetting your pants over. Right? You’re not wrong. And yeah, it simply was all matter of fact in business. So now, now where are you operating? If you started at a, let’s say you were a one to begin that and you’re not, you’re, let’s say you’re probably, if, if 10 is, is, is, is all you can achieve and everything you can do maybe year a three at 26 years old, but that moved you to a four and those fucking moves sometimes can take talking, going in the cage and going into cage and you, um, [inaudible] I don’t want to, I don’t want to downplay the post fight. Yeah. When you get, when you do something like that, it becomes, and I’ve said this before, it’s your new normal. Yeah. So you almost talk about it like, yeah, there’s fucking nothing to it, dude. You were, you were a wreck, right? We’re like, fuck, am I going to do, how am I going to do this? Yeah. We had all these conversations, went in and did it and now you’re like, eh, there’s nothing to it. So what are you going to be able to do with that? Right. You’re going

to be able to go up and talk to almost anybody essentially. You’d be able to do any get through anything, you’ll be able to do the things that it takes to be success, to give yourself that opportunity to be successful. You don’t want to downplay that you moved from a three to a four now you’re looking down at the three gone to fuck on a pussy was high.

Yeah. And so you helped really plant that seed as to this is what I have to do and it’s not one and done. It’s, it’s, I’m going to have to do this a hundred more times. And I realized that and, and I’m excited about it because I was telling Billy just now is, is what’s going to happen when I go to Vegas is I’ve already had the practice run in Portland. So now it’s just, you know, there’s going to be more fighters is going to be more people that, you know, three months ago I’ve been like photo picture where now the mentality is, hey, how’s it going? Here’s my card. And Yeah, look at him like I’m talking to you or Billy not looking at him like there’s something on a pedestal because I think that is, that is so critical and being successful is knowing who you’re talking to but not putting them

high up. It’s just another person. Just another person. Yeah. One at the same time like with you talking to people that you know and then falling through and then you get an angry about that or upset about that or letting that dash on your dreams a little bit. Is that that same thing with Jaylen? Yeah. I mean he could stop responding tomorrow. Never get back to you again. You never hear from them again, but you can’t let that stop. You almost had to call him out because you sent that uh, yeah, I’d say the text. Yeah. And then he didn’t respond to your right away quickly went back to uh, two bitching out. Yeah. Cause you’re like, I haven’t heard from him.

Yeah. And so it’s funny I sent you that and the next morning, boom response. And I think it’s all about perspective and it’s all about, it’s all a learning experience for me. Um, and realizing that, you know, it’s not going to happen overnight. Yeah. Sometimes I think my mistake partially was I was reading a little too high on getting that initial email that I was like maybe looking at it more like, oh, here’s the email that it’s like a UFC job contract. No, it’s not that. It’s right. It’s, it’s nothing like that. And I still have a long road ahead and, and um, you know, talking with you and taking your advice and, and implementing it. Do you want to go to Vegas? And when I go to Sacramento and all these other UFC events is, it’s the same thing. It’s talking to people, meeting people, making connections and, and hopefully, you know, one of those people if not more.

Yeah. And so I think having gone through the lime, having gone through cerebral palsy, having gone through all these no setbacks in my life, it’s, it’s taught me that there is no perfect opportunity to chase your dream. You just got to get up and get after it. And it sounds cliche and everybody’s going to tell you believe, dream, achieve. But you know, taking your legitimate advice and implementing it to, to what I want to do and seeing success, ah, I hope somebody takes inspiration from what I’m doing and, and, and applies it to their lives.

Sitting there may and there, there’s no guarantee that you’re going to get the job. There’s no guarantee that you’re going to achieve that dream of working in the MMA. Yeah. Uh, there’s no, uh, there’s no guarantee that the job in the MMA is the one is what you think it is. Right. And that dream may have been completely unfounded. Correct. You had in your head what you think it is based on that 16 year old kid that saw his first fight. But yeah, you’re chasing it and you’re going after it as hard as you can. So you’re going to be able to say, I chased my dream. It wasn’t what I thought it was and I moved on. Or I chase my dream and I’m doing it right now and this is where I want to be working. That’s cool. I say about dreams. I don’t believe in chasing your dreams.

I believe in chasing opportunities. Yeah. I believe in taking advantage of opportunities and you don’t know on your path for your dream, you’re going to meet so many people and one of them might have a detour for you that, that your, that your brain will is now programmed to look for and realize. And the more of that you do, the more opportunities you may spot as they come by. Yeah. As they go in front of you because your brain’s open. You’re not worried about getting everybody’s, everybody’s a autograph. They’re worried about what are you doing for you? Right. What are you getting out of

that’s, so handing out those cards and speaking to people. My name out there and, and also not just going to Vegas, you know, going to Vegas, going to Sacramento, going to multiple UFC events that are in the area, you know, maximizing those opportunities and meeting more and more people.

And it may never happen. Yeah. But you’re not, you’re not going to say I didn’t try. Yeah. You won’t be able to say I didn’t give it fucking as much as I could. I gave it.

Yeah. And I don’t want to half ass it either. You know, I’m really, really trying and I, and it’s, it’s everyday just thinking what else I can, I can do, whether it’s applying to other jobs or, or meeting new people are sending more messages or more emails. It’s, it’s getting myself out.

Yeah. I love the, uh, the walking into the cage. And I’ve told you this and Billy’s hurted me. Say this many times. I wish. Hmm. More people could, you know that movie ghost and the ghost can come sit inside of the human and see through the, see through their eyes and all of a sudden for a little while there, you know that movie belly ghost with Patrick Swayze and now for fuck sake tell in Philly you could just speak, just say yes, you’re going to shoot on my point. I know better than barely about any movies cause oh man, I get knows more than I bet 80 white. So there’s movie ghost and the ghost kind of can sit inside of the body and had Patrick Swayze and uh, and Demi Moore and, and, and he gets killed. He becomes a ghost and he can sit in other people’s body and see through their eyes.

My point beam that I’ve always said that if you could look through my eyes for five minutes and see what I’ve seen and see what’s possible and see the way that I view of the world, you’d be like, man, I’m a bitch. I haven’t done anything. And once you get a taste of that, I think because I always say for bolts of you, I see more in you guys than you see in yourself. Right? I know what you’re capable of. Much more than you know, what you’re capable of because I’ve been through it, they’ve seen it. So I know what we are capable of if we choose to do it. And that’s why I love your story so much because it is absolutely reflective of that philosophy and that belief that I have and that’s I

telling you, last time we spoke was I think one of the key points to me pursuing what I’m pursuing. It was, I didn’t know you two months ago, but in our conversations you saw something in me. Cause I mean I have friends and family that believe in me, but it’s sometimes it’s that person that you don’t know that that person that you’ve never met before and you’ve talked to them for a few hours and they look at you and they say you can fucking do it. And I think that really like helped me. And I was like, Eh, Jerry’s, Jerry’s done a hell of a lot with his life, you know, and he sees something in me, you know, why not me? Why not try,

right. Why not fucking chase it? Yup. Cause I think

what also happened because I got tired of talking about it, I got tired of, of talking about chasing the Jame. Cause I, I mean ever since I graduated college, I was always like, oh my opportunities are gonna come, I’m gonna go to Vegas, I’m going to work for the UFC. But I always talked about it and I remember being like, I don’t want to be that guy when I’m, you know, 60 years old and be like, Oh, if I would’ve caught that one catch in high school, I’d be in the NFL

conversation. Yes. The other day with a buddy of mine who, uh, is in banking and his for 20 years, he’s like to go out on his own and he’s talked about, and this dude’s smart as shit. He has every contact in the book, he knows everything about financing. And uh, he knows everything about getting companies money. He knows everything about getting money for himself. Uh, and he has said that he, Oh, for over 20 years, I have listened to him say I need to go on my own and now, and this is what I tell you guys at 26 years old, I’m 50. I’ve listened to this dude since I was 30, and that was yesterday and now he’s still banking at 50. He’s still working in the same industry. He [inaudible] is, is waiting to get fired as he puts it. Right. Hopefully I get fired because at least he’s honest with himself that he doesn’t have, uh, he has too much now on the line.

He’s not willing to go out and risk it. Like he knows he can, like, he knows he should, like he wants to, he go do it though because he’s so entrenched at 50 that it’s, it’s too dangerous. So he’s hoping he gets fired because then he’ll go do all the things that he wants to do. Just can’t do it him see how that’s right. He just can’t do it himself. And so that’s real. That shit happens. And we will wait our whole lives to find, to do that thing that we talked about our whole lives. You think it’s just the fear, the uncertainty. Yeah. I think going out on your own, uh, and doing this sort of stuff is, is scary shit and you have to realize that this is why I broke it down for you, um, as simply as I could. Well first you’re a simple person, so you needed to understand those compliments.

That’s why I wanted to, you know, simply don’t look at him like anything other than people. There are no better or worse than you. And that was really probably the key piece of piece of, uh, of infor, of advice that I gave you so that you looked at them like they were just normal everyday human beings. I look at at, at all of this, I talk about life in terms of high dives. Okay. And, and, and, and the risk and going out and starting your own company is like it. When I was a kid, I went to, there’s a drink Billy when I was a kid and yet her running job and every time it says when I was a kid, we’d take a shag would be fucked up. When I was a kid, there was a, and I’ve talked about this before, there’s a swimming pool and I may be five or six years old and it had a high dive and a low dive and it had the deep end and it had the is big fucking pool, you know, big public pool.

And it had the, uh, the shallow end. And so when you’re five, six years old, you climb into the shallow end, but you’re always watching the big kids on the other side and they’re jumping off that high dive and they’re taking the full balance and doing the dive off the off the, the, the low dive and they’re jumping into that 12 foot deep. And right now I’m not going anywhere near that deep end. And then pretty soon I’m seven years old. I’m scared to fuck of that, of that high dive. But I’m like, I gotta go try this. And so I get down to the, I can remember getting down to the bottom of the ladder and putting a couple of foot on the ladder and then pretty soon there’s somebody behind me and I know they’re going to push me up. So I jump off real quick.

Right. I’m cool. I’m just kind of testing this out, seeing how it feels. And pretty soon you’re on the high dive. Well, once you’re up there, there’s no coming back because there’s fucking 26 kids on the ladder. Yeah. Waiting to do their time on the high dive. And I remember very clearly, I’m 50 years old. I was seven looking over the edge, wanting to do anything. I would rather be anywhere. I would rather be getting beaten to a bloody pulp on the street than been standing up on top of that high dive because I was sure I was going to die, but I knew I had to jump off. That’s where you were. And so I stared down into that abyss and finally off I went and I had to jump right. Jump forward four hours where I’m doing a back flip. Off the high dive confidence.

Yeah. It all of a sudden that thing that’s so scared, the shit out of me that seems so onerous and so over the top. That seems so impossible now. You know, I just stand on the edge, turn around and drop backwards and flip them. Hope I didn’t slap my back and turn red and all the rest of that doing cannon balls and the whole nine yards. Yeah. Four hours earlier. I stood at the bottom rung and let the kids go past me cause I didn’t want a climate. That’s what starting a businesses, that’s what chasing your dream. It’s, that’s what you’re trying to do. That’s what life is all about is there’s that challenge in front of me. How do I, how do I face it? And it’s not just facing the challenge. We forget the benefit that comes afterwards. If you, if you faced it and lost, right.

That has, that has a cost if you faced it and [inaudible] and one that has a value. Right. But had I climbed up that I w I don’t think I would be sitting here today if I climbed up that, that that ladder [inaudible] turned around, came back down. I don’t think I’d be sitting here today. I think that that as a seven year old showed me what I was capable of when I jumped off that fucking high dive without anybody pulling me or pushing me or asking me or telling me or my parents down there, my big brothers or whatever it was. Right. I went up there. I remember that all these years later. It’s why I said when you walked into the octagon, dude, you went from a three to a four or a four to five whatever our number is. You moved up because your new normal change to just like when I jumped into the water the first time my new normal changed because now I’m running back and going up that thing as fast as I can and I’m on the fucking high dive til it gets dark.

It was just one of those moments. I’m sure I could really compare it to what you went through. It’s like point of no return. Got to go. Yeah. And I, I thought to myself was, I didn’t come this far to come this far. So,

but it’s the fear that stops us from doing, we love to talk. It’s easy to talk. You’re hanging with your boy. I’m dude Sunday, I’m going to be in the UFC. Anybody can fucking say that. Gosh, you nothing [inaudible]. And then your buddies are like, oh yeah, yeah, but nobody fucking believes it. Right? They’re just there to agree with you. They say, yeah, yeah, it’s, yeah, that seems reasonable. And then a week goes by in a month and then a year and pretty soon it’s been four years and then you almost fucking get Lyme disease or you get Lyme disease of damn near kills you and you’re like, ma’am, may be all this shit. I’ve been talking, I need to actually go out and do it.

Yeah. And I think it’s, it’s important to know how many people would actually go through all of the steps and get up to the point, talk to somebody like Gary, you get that advice that they needed to make something happen and then still not do anything it worse

at your age. Yeah. Right. Yeah. That was the fact that, phew, it’s hard taking advice. It is. Right. It’s hard having people tell you, you don’t know shit. I get it. It’s hard saying the fuck does he know and, and, and, and particularly when you’re young, you’re all full of testosterone and pissed off and all of that. It’s hard taking that advice, but it’s when you need it the most because the earlier that you can set that expectation for yourself earlier, you can become a, for the faster you can get to a five. Okay. I know a lot of people that are in their forties that are still fucking force. Okay. How I know people that will ask me and not that I know everything, but again, we know I’ve got a ton of of experience that are asking me what should I do on this real estate deal and I’ll tell them what to do and they do the fucking exact opposite and then it ends up costing them money as I, I’ve only done that a hundred fucking times.

I gave you that Shit for free. Right? I gave you this, this advice for free. So when you can take advice, that was when I was 28 years old is when I told myself to shut up and listen. Thankfully I had somebody, I had my own in my own head. I was willing to do that. If you can do that though earlier, you can find that person to give you instruction to give you advice that’s been there before and let you learn on their, uh, on the, on their back. Well, who in the fuck wouldn’t do that? Yeah.

And I think there’s an important, like I’ve gotten good advice from people that I didn’t listen to, but at those stages I was still, and I, I always approached it as I’m going to take in all of the advice that I can get and weigh it by where their position is and what they’ve been through in their experience level. But at the end of the day, I’m gonna make my own decision. And I think that’s an important too on some notes, but just getting that advice, being open to hearing somebody else’s opinion, being open to hear that advice from somebody else and actually consider it regardless if that’s what you’re in decision is.

Yeah. I think the, the, the thing that can work against us is if we get good advice, we choose knife to take it. We discount the advice. Mm. Which is what we should not do. I don’t give a fuck if you went and talked to chill in the octagon. Right. It’s completely up to you. I gave you the advice, I told you what I would do, here’s how I would handle it. You chose to follow that and had the kind of results that you were hoping for, but had you not done that and decided for yourself, no, I’m going to try this other way. Your, you, you easily could have said his advice would never worked because that security guard went, let me through the gate.

Yeah. I think a lot of it was more of that of we spent three hours together talking and uh, and, and you had said a lot of the people you talk to, you don’t take, uh, don’t follow through on the advice you, you tell them, they just kind of like, oh, you know, but you’re different than I am or whatever excuse they might have. Where’s my mentality after, after we got done talking to the first time was this is for one, this guy knows what he’s talking about and for, and for two it’s like he put it in this time to talk to me for free. And uh, I’ve been talking for the last few years about how I’m going to go work for the UFC ladies time to it’s time to get after it. And it was a mentality and it was like a thing, like you spent your time. So I kind of, it not, you know,

I owe it to myself, but I know it’s you to you as well. Cause you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re spending your time on your weekends and giving me advice. Like that’d be kind of a weird thing for me, for me not to pursue my dreams. And that’s part of your personality. That’s, that’s, I mean, that’s his perspective of who you are, is that you didn’t want to fail for you. You didn’t, you appreciate it and respect it at the time I put in and I mean that’s, that is what the, I am all about being honest with yourself. Look in the fucking mirror. Don’t look in the mirror and say there was a security guard there. Look in the mirror and say, I didn’t go through the security guard. I didn’t even fucking try to go through the security guard. That’s what you, and so that’s what I’m all about is look in the mirror. Be honest with yourself and say, I didn’t, I didn’t look dude, my mother made my, my son graduated last night. My mother made cinnamon rolls. Okay. My mother’s cinnamon rolls. I literally would murder both of you right now for a bucket of paint. Her significant roles, they are so good. I don’t pull well, they’re just nothing but sugar and Carmel and fucking bread and everything. I’m not supposed to eat out. And I have two of them, maybe three. I’m not certain I had one on the way that this morning.

And your go right. And there’s another one. So my point being, I knew full well what I was doing, I was 100% cognizant. I wasn’t saying to myself, well my son graduated and my mother went through the trouble and so I’m going to eat these records. You want them to go bad? She spends all that time. No, I could have not eaten them. My fucking sons and daughter will destroy those all by themselves. They don’t need mine. I was like, I gotta get mine before those motherfuckers get in there and eat all the cinnamon rolls. So that is just, that’s being honest with yourself and look where it gets you. I think a lot to kind of backtrack a little bit about, you know, being 26 and being young and, and uh, you know, I will say a year ago maybe I would have thought I was invincible and not, not, not in a weird way, but you know, when you’re 25 and you’re going to the gym, you’re healthy and everything’s going well, like Lyme disease really kicked my ass and it was just like, nope, you’re not what you thought you were.

And then I haven’t gone through that. It was in a weird way, one of the best things that could’ve happened to me because it puts things into perspective. Things that you could normally do suddenly we’re so fucking difficult. Whereas now it’s like I feel better. So it’s like fuck being that, let’s go be great. Like fuck, being sick, being down, being in bed all day, like I’m going to fucking get after it now because that taught me the value of life and the value of health and, and going after it because there was moments where I was just like, I’m 25 and this is the peak of my fucking life and what am I, what am I going to do now? Like, well, I’m going to be known for like graduating college and like working for a year and then my life goes to shit and I, and I was like, the fucking minute. I get better as I’m going to fucking chasing. So you know, it’s

going to be a long road, but I’m tell you why. Like I’m not stopping. Nobody’s going to fucking stop. You have Lyme disease. Can’t stop me for cerebral palsy. Can’t stop me. Nothing’s going to fucking stop me, Jerry.

Yeah. I like it. And that, and that is where it to f two to finish that thought a little bit. MMM. You’re now capable of giving advice. Yeah. Right. Because you have that perspective. So you could get an advice to the hot shit 26 year olds that think they know everything and don’t need to listen to anybody and be like, Whoa, brother, you got gotta, you gotta fucking slow that mule down because you’re about to get kicked. And here’s why you need to have, you know, here’s why you need to be thinking about it. Now you have the experience, but on from, from this, albeit limited experience, right? At 26 years old, but you’ve got experience now to pass on to other people. That’s all I’m doing. All I’m doing is saying a dude’s. I used to be 26 also. Eh, here’s where I came from. Here’s the lessons I learned. Yeah, here’s your lesson. Here’s what you learned. Fucking, you can either listen to it or do it the hard way. I Dunno. Fuck. Let me try that. You can make guys’ lives easier based on your story.

I think the big thing is just, you know, when, when people go through hardships, they, they use it as an excuse to not do something where I was just like, I fucking went through this. I never want to feel like that again. And uh, I want to like what I want to do with my life. I’m going to fuck him, pursue it 100% because I feel like it’s as people, it’s like we always look for an excuse to wait till later, wait til later. Where’s Lyme disease? It’s like fuck. Like I could have, it could have all been gone like that. So, so now it’s just like every minutes, way more valuable than it was a year ago. The time and yeah, the energy in, in, and the health that I have now is, is, is much more valuable to me than I ever thought would

that I would feel in my twenties what if you fail?

Try again. I mean, not a boy that, what else am I supposed to do? Like, yeah. Might not get the UFC job tomorrow or a year from now or not five years from now, but

I fucking die trying and you’re not losing bye not getting there. You’re not losing by getting what you want because you’re learning exponentially. Right. You’re challenging yourself in a way that you never thought possible. Fucking that’s living. You’re uncomfortable. You’re putting yourself in these uncomfortable situations. I get all fucking hopped up about this because you got to live life. If you want success, if you want what you want, you’ve got to live life uncomfortable. Yeah. And you

grab life by the balls like that. That was the talking and chose like I literally was like, I got to grab life by the balls. I gotta talk to this guy. Right. And you know, it’s what I was there for and, and had I not tried, I would’ve been in that car, ride home, all pissed off, all like why I should have done it. Whereas I, I, I knew that was what it’s going to be. So let’s do everything we can in our power to go talk to him.

And that’s the part where I say, you gotta be honest with yourself.

There’s a podcast here just three or four ago where I said, you know what you’re supposed to do at some certain point and you didn’t do it. Then you can blame everybody else in the fuck a world about it. But then you’ve got to drive home and look at yourself in that rear view mirror. And lot of people, Dude bury that shit down low. A lot of people push that down and they’re like, my mom fucked me and my dad screwed me and my brothers and sisters and my friend of my boss fucking hates me in every, you know that security guard wouldn’t, I mean there’s every reason rather than just looking at it and go, nope, I didn’t do it. That’s me. I’m a pussy. I fucked that up. I, I, I got to learn from this and try again. We don’t do that though.

We don’t self assess that way. We go the opposite way. We start pointing fingers outwardly rather than always pointed at us. Yeah. And I think that that’s huge. That would have never let you get away with it. Had you post out on that. You sent me that picture. What I tell you to do fucking there he is. There he is. You have no excuse now is what you said. No, and it literally clicked in my head at that point. I said he is absolutely 100% right. I am literally 10 feet away from him. What’s the problem and so yeah, worst thing. Worst case scenario just says, hey man, I don’t have the time right now and then follow up question, when do you have the time? What works for you? What? He could have been a deck and fucking slammed into the ground. They can.

You were coming after him but he wasn’t right. You’re out of good content. Had you had some preconceived notion of him. That’s, that’s a big part of why we don’t go chase what we want because we think, oh, he doesn’t have fucking time for me or he doesn’t want to talk to me or he’s way better than I am, or all of those rest of this shit that goes through our heads. That is just reasons why we don’t excuses for why we don’t do what we want to go do. And it’s funny, like I think it’s like all about the perspective and learning when you, when you I fuck up more than anybody. Sure. Everybody does. Yeah. The big thing that I’ve learned is like, what can I take from here? So not do that again tomorrow. That’s it. And, uh, I mean that’s, I, I mean I have bad days at work, but they didn’t, end of the day I write down things.

I got to get to first thing in the morning. That way when I’m, when I’m in my seat at eight, eight o’clock, when I’m supposed to be there, I’m always there at seven 50. I’m always there earlier than everybody else. Yep. And, uh, but, but I’m always like, this is what we fucked up on yesterday, so we got to get these done first. And it’s always your fault. Yeah. And I mean that’s the mantra of stat was funny because I don’t think I’ll ever really tell my bosses I had Lyme disease. I never call in sick ever. Right. Zero days call in sick. And I got people calling in sick cause on God I look cold. Right? Yeah. Right. And so I feel like it’s so important to be like fine. Always find, you know, there could be 99 things that fucking go wrong, but you got to find that one reason to just keep calling. I’d never have called in sick a day in my life. I started paying taxes on a job when I was 11 years old. Was that the ihops? No, I, my first job was at fat city cafe and multiple village in Portland, Oregon. And then when I turned 12 I got a job at the IOD

because they paid more and were open Saturday and Sunday gave me more hours. So as a 12 year old, I’m taking the bus downtown at five 30 in the morning to put in my eight hours, turn around and come back Saturday and Sunday. And because they paid me more money, uh, the, the, the point being,

I hold that like fucking Thor’s hammer, which I won’t even try and call it whatever the fucking name of that thing is. Joel mower or something, you know, nor, or something. Anyway, I hold that like Thor’s fucking hammer, dude. So you’re 26. Okay. You got a few more years. 24 to be exact before you catch me. It never having a sick day. The point being though, at 26, I held that over everybody’s head. Oh, you’re sick, you’re a pussy. I’ve never been sick. A day in my life gives you power right? That day when you really can’t get up, when you’re really sick, when you really don’t feel good and you get up and go

fucking dude, you’re destroying it the next day. I mean you’re, you’re on another fucking level now. Yeah. I think for me it’s like calling in sick. He just feel like dog shit like as far as like you’re laying in bed, like if I don’t feel good, I’ll work from home. And I know I heard you talking about work bomb. I don’t like working from either, but uh, if I have to, I have to fill in that context. That’s not exactly what I was talking about kind of basis. I have a, my boss be like, hey, you should like really like consider just calling in the rest of them. I know links. I don’t want to call in sick because I want to be better than you. Yeah.

Right. I want to be the greatest fucking person in the company. I want to be the greatest person I know.

So I, I’m not going to call in sick because you would, how come you didn’t call and check? You get a week’s fucking sick days. You’re going to lose them. All right. I wasn’t sick. Yeah, but you’ve got to use a sick day. Oh, I don’t have to, I wasn’t sick. Why would I fucking call in sick? You chase the money. Yeah, I’ll chase the dream. Yeah, I’ll chase where I want to go. I’ll get done what I want to do guy and calling in sick fucking, I’d have to be. Yeah Dude. I Dunno. I Dunno. I, I’d be dead before six feet under before that’d be fucking dead for, I guess. Yeah. But I mean that’s the big thing and I think that’s a big takeaway for people is stop making fucking excuses. Yep. Stop me. You fucking excuses. Cause I could have used any excuse in the book with Cerebral Palsy, with Lyme disease.

Nope. And, and even hardships. Like you got to grow from hardships because I, looking back now, it’s one of the best things that ever happened to me. People laugh when I say though too fucking disease, like antibiotics, other shit. But I’m like, it put perspective, the value of life. Cause again, being 26 like you, you don’t, you don’t know shit. Right. And you, Oh, you think you’re gonna be invincible and then you’re not going to have all these health issues. But if a little fucking tick, I can turn my world upside down and I could come back from it. So can anybody else,

this is where I point out because I’m a dick and we’ll end the podcast on this that I went to Africa two years ago, got tick fever goes, I was bit about 60 times, had 103 degree temperature, lost 16 pounds over three days and walk the fuck out of there. So not that your story is not special, but I just wanted to add that part. Almost dying. Not even close. I had to give you shit. What a pussy. Don’t be a pussy. Oh, via Yammer. This podcast. Let’s see. Yeah, dude, that was a good time. I appreciate it brother. Yeah, man. Thanks for coming. I love you. I love your story. You know that and we’ll uh, we’ll update everybody with a, with how things go and we’ll have your back. If, uh, if anything happens that’s Dana White. Come telling him he’s coming for you.

Wait, Dana White. Okay, Billy, you’re fucking fired. Yeah. Yes, because catches on spot. If we didn’t pitch, we didn’t pitch it all one fucking time. We keep saying you got to do it in the beginning. You got to at least work it in and trying to work in. You know, you’ve got to work in your socials. Okay? We’ve got to remind people, you got to go there. You got to check the little box. You gotta get the little reminders. So you know when a new one drops out to youtube and a demo right now we just tied it in earlier. That’s because when you answer the phone, that’s two smart dude. Yeah, just break up motherfucker. Go check our pots. Go check us out. That’s all I’m trying to say. Go check us out. We’re everywhere. That wraps it up. Thanks everybody. Checking us out. You know, to go to youtube and Instagram, Facebook, iTunes, Google and reddit.

Jerry brazy on all of them. I’m digging 110 episodes and he still has to read the list. Fuck off. I hate you both medias. Where on? If I don’t read it, Jeez. I’ve either got to memorize it or I’ve got a fucker. Read a Stevie wonder vision with that Spotify. I’ve still forgotten. You know the story behind the time. I forgot this fucking, uh, oh, time did we tell block off times and we tell the story where, uh, Daniel w we had Daniel and I dunno a few months ago and uh, and uh, I read this whole thing and I forgot Spotify on 100th episode, so he cut it out, give given a shit about, he’s like, dude, you didn’t say pocket Spotify. That’s why I say Spotify. Fuck you Daniel thing we got on Spotify and it was supposed to be a big pitch. And Jerry, you forgot to say it so many fucking times during our early episodes.

I told him one of the episodes, I’m just going to go fucking rights Spotify in big letters on his papers so he can’t forget it and he’s still forgets it. Spotify, Jerry check it out. Um, we love it. Bill has done a nice job. It’s brand new, it’s looking good. It’s gonna look better. Some blog posts going up. There are some stories from, what’s the latest one that the first one’s going to go out. It’s just kind of my story and how how I got where I am and kind of some of the bullshit that I went through. Check us out. Send us your questions. Two questions at Jerry Brazie dot com and fuck you Daniel. You just heard it straight from the horse’s mouth. You’ve got to remember people, opportunities are everywhere, but you got to go get them. That’s right. Peace out. Thank you. Peace.


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