Sami Sattva

About Sami Sattva

Sami is originally from the Southwest states, spending the majority of her time in Scottsdale, Arizona, Las Vegas, and southern California, before moving to Denver, finally making her way to Portland, Oregon where she resides now. She’s a seasoned entrepreneur in the marketing and media fields specializing in the lifestyle spaces, such as hospitality, food and beverage, entertainment, creative). and largely focuses on creative strategies for community impact.

When she began working at 14 years old, she stepped into the Hospitality industry, specifically in restaurants, and to this day hasn’t ever left. She made her mark mostly in the Phoenix music and entertainment industries where she successfully built a talent agency that operated for 10 years where her team created a multitude of creative services mostly business to consumer.

During that time she explored the world of experiential marketing, combined with the hospitality industry she found her sense of belonging by connecting with people, providing warm and welcoming environments to enjoy experiences. Whether that be at a show providing entertainment, a lounge or hotels providing VIP service, or in restaurants as facilitating culinary and craft beverages, community is her main target. 

Fast forward to today, she mostly provides business to business creative services with her newly branded agency, Lambda Lion Group, that focuses on providing media (commercial photography, video, design), marketing strategies, and brand development for the Lifestyle based businesses (ie: hospitality, entertainment, tourism, creative, food and beverage brick and mortars & products). 

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